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    Brand Spankin' New: Mid-2022

    Brand Spankin' New: Mid-2022

    Daniel Beech |

    Welcome to our forever growing collection of Sex Toys. Are you ready for new experiences with yourself and/or your partner(s) ?! Something very exciting has arrived at our warehouse and we’ll give you a hint (IT’S BRAND NEW SEX TOYS). Good luck finding some of these things elsewhere:

    Starting with:



    The Alien Dildo:

    Alien Dildo

    Are you ready to be railed into hyper-space by this big bad space invader? Have your space explored and sensually probed by the bulging, rock hard alien mega dong. Our Fantasy Alien Dildo is delicately handcrafted with extra-terrestrial bumps, bulges, scales and bends, forming a unique, out of this world grip to ride you up and down, into every g-spot. ALIEN DILDO BLACK 8 INCH


    The Sword Dildo: 

    Sword Dildo

    This Dildo is 12 Inches in Length, with intricate details added by hand. Featuring, a prominent head with a smooth and tapered tip, an extra detailed veiny shaft with bulging veins, creases and contours. Perfect for Role-Play and taking your sex life to the next level. We can guarantee that our Sword Dildo will aid you on your quest to reach new sexual heights and to ensure you are the champion of each conquest. SWORD DILDO




    Samira Bullet Vibrator

    If you’ve been searching for a bullet vibe that’s elegant in design, softly silicone to touch with powerful, perfect engineering. This sleek, sophisticated Bullet Vibrator has 10 vibrating functions AND it’s waterproof. What more could you ask for? SAMIRA BULLET VIBRATOR

    Lipstick Vibrator:

    Lipstick Vibrator

    These 3 Speed vibrators are perfect if you’re looking for a vibrator that is secret in design. Whether you want to briskly hide it from 3rd party members or you simply love the cute novelty design, this is a vibrator essential to begin/add to the collection, AND it’s waterproof. Discover it now. LIPSTICK VIBRATOR


    Rock’s Off Ro-Lo:

    Rocks Off Rolo

    Now, don’t for a second think we’ve forgotten about those of you who can’t do penetration, whether its for medical or preferential reasons – we have the Sex Toy for you. All it requires is for you to sit down, and enjoy the ride. The perfect trip that requires zero insertion; simply take a seat and cum on your own terms. Featuring a multitude of different powerful vibration settings. ROLO VIBRATOR



    Putin Probe:

    Putin Probe

    Why Putin Probe? Because you’ll be Putin’ it up your ass! This evilly long, soft and flexible butt plug will go extra deep, searching out every inch of the way. Almost the entire length of the plug is insertable before the hilt protects from any embarrassing moments. For the curious, adventurous, especially courageous: this, is just for you. PUTIN PROBE


    Thrill Trio Purple Anal Plug Set with Vibrator:

    Vibrating Butt Plugs

    If you love anything Anal, do we have a treat for you! These VIBRATING Butt Plugs vary in 3 unique shapes- Bumpy, Smooth and Ribbed and are super easy to use, just pop the one speed bullet into the butt plug and off you pop. We know you want it; buy it here: VIBRATING ANAL TRIO


    Jewel Butt Plug Anal Training Set Purple:

    Silicone Butt Plug Trio

    A Purple, Silicone variation of the classic Butt Plug Trio. Available as the full set or purchased individually. Available in 3 different sizes ranging from small to large. The silicone allows it to be comfortably inserted and easily played with and cared for. Take note of the bedazzling gemstone featured for an added sense of decadence and luxury in your anal play. JEWEL BUTT PLUG TRIO



    Silicone Male Masturbator:

    Silicone Male Masturbator

    Who said the perfect woman didn’t exist? This Silicone Male Masturbator features the genuine internal structure of a vagina feels amazing soft, with ribbed texture. Ergonomically made for the hand to grip. Comfortable to use, clean and use again. Her velvety soft and skin is begging for your touch. Run your hands across her perky nipples, grip her huge and juicy tits, enjoy the different sensations of pleasure. Discover her now: SILICONE MALE MASTURBATOR


    10 Speed Soft & Ribbed Silicone Male Masturbator:

    Blue Silicone Male Masturbator Hand Solo

    May you feel the force with this famous HAND SOLO!! Pure Palm Powered Pleasure, Hand Solo is a unique open sleeve masturbator, made with seductively textured inner contours. Hand solo fits all sizes, and your firm grip will give you long lasting thrilling, throbbing sensations that are guaranteed to send you into orbit! Use it on yourself or get your partner to join in, just lube up and wait to be transported into inter-galactic ecstasy! BLUE HAND SOLO




    Mystery Box

    Still unsure what to treat yourself with? I mean we know you’re completely spoilt for choice. Our boxes are the perfect way to treat either yourself or that special someone to a sexy, sultry surprise. Our carefully curated mystery treats are a great way to experiment and sleep peacefully knowing the Sexy Emporium team have meticulously examined all the products to ensure that your box will be a pleasant surprise. All our boxes have products that will, not only, exceed your expectations but also the value of the normal cost of the box and will set your pulse racing with desire. Everything is shipped to you in super discreet packaging so nobody ever has to know. Spoil yourself rotten today: MYSTERY BOXES


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