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    How We Measure

    Sometimes the measurements provided can vary slightly. This can be due to many of our Sex Toys being detailed by hand, so sometimes the bulging veins or or other fun details can effect the final measurement a little bit.

    Also, not all toys have a perfect cylindrical shaft so the diameter can very slightly vary depending on where exactly it was measured.

    Here are some diagrams to show you where and how we measure each item! 


    Total Length:

    This is the measurement from the very top tip, to the far bottom including any and all suction cup, testicles, handle, battery compartment, vibration control panel or anything else.


    Insertable Length:

    This only includes the portion of the shaft that can be physically inserted into the body. In this image guide, the sizing ends at the balls because it can't be inserted past this point.

    This measurement does not include any suction cup, testicles, handle, battery compartment, vibration control panel etc...



    The diameter is the measurement across the middle of the shaft. Diameter is the measurement directly across from side to side in a straight line.

    If the tape measure is wrapped around the full shaft this would represent the girth (circumference) . 

    Some dildos have multiple shafts or a varying width, in these circumstances our measurement represents the widest girth unless stated otherwise.