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Handcuffs & Restraints

(59 products)

Hold someone hostage - limit their movements. Arrest them, keep them locked away and helpless. Whether you're on the receiving or offending end of your steamy affair our range suits all. All of our ropes arrive at 10m and all other restraints from cuffs and beyond are adjustable for all sizes. Explore our range of handcuffs & restraints!

Everything from fluffy handcuffs to police handcuffs. Shop arm restraints, leg restraints & full bondage kits. 

Learn the Ropes - Our Fun Guide Into Rope Play Is Here.

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Adult Marketplace

We have spent the last year working towards the sexiest of surprises.

We are so proud to finally release Adult Marketplace.

A gift from us to you; our beloved customers.

The future of sexy shopping - the first app of it's kind.

Download Adult Marketplace now on Apple or Google Play and turn up the heat.

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