Collection: Anal Beads

Anal beads are a popular anal sex toy used by couples and individuals to enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse. Anal beads often come as a string of beads, or they can also be a more rigid dildo like object with beads built into the shaft. Good anal beads feature a grip at one end, to ensure easy removal and for safety, as you don't want them getting lost anywhere they shouldn't. Anal beads heighten sexual pleasure when being inserted and removed from the anus due to the sensitive nerve endings in the entrance of the anus which are easily stimulated.

Anal beads are available in different sizes, from small to large. The range of sizes available allows them to be useful for sex toy users of all levels from beginners trying anal sex toys for the first time, right up to the experts who may pick slightly larger anal beads. Newer users should start small and work their way up! It's better to use something smaller that can be inserted, as opposed to buying something too big that can't be used and may need to be returned. Many anal beads also increase in size as each bead is inserted, so you can decide when you're at your peak and can't go any further.

Anal beads are great in solo play, especially if you're new to anal penetration, slowly easing yourself into it without the added pressure! 

Stay safe and sexy. Care for your Anal Beads properly by following our expert Sex Toy Care Guide.