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    It’s getting hot in here- Temperature play for beginners

    It’s getting hot in here- Temperature play for beginners

    Eddie House |

    Want to heat things up in the bedroom? Some really do like it hot (or cold) so I’m here to introduce you to the wonderful world of temperature play. This sort of play is about sensations- the juxtaposition of hot and cold against a partner body can be the feeling that heightens and magnifies every touch. Introducing this new play can keep a routine feeling fresh with the same toys. When using any item for this, first test the temperature against your inner elbow or wrist to make sure it’s not uncomfortable in any way- no one wants a boiling hot dildo shoved inside them with no warning. 

    Ice Ice Baby

    Probably the easiest and least prep needed type of temperature play- grab some ice cubes! Use your hands or mouth to trace the ice cubes over your partner's body or use frozen fruit for a sweeter taste. You could also drip the melted water on your partner, or, for something extra special, hold the ice cube in your mouth to cool it down before going down on your partner. 

    Sensory deprivation often goes hand in hand with temperature play. This is because the act of being tied up, restrained, or blindfolded forces you to concentrate on the sensations being experienced, making them more intense. Try restraining hands or ankles, and adding in an eye mask to really make your partner hone in on the things happening to their body.


    Complete Black Bondage Kit

    Shop Complete Black Bondage Kit
    • Submit to your partner as they tease and please during your temperature play session
    • Complete bondage kit is designed for the beginner to advanced user, it's soft, comfortable and not intimidating
    • Contains all the essentials for a wild night between the sheets
    • Available in 4 unique colours


    1 x Eye Mask
    1 x Ball Gag (Diameter:4.2cm/1.6") 
    1 x Whip (length: 55cm/21.6")
    1 x Handcuffs (30cm x 5cm/11.8" x 2") 
    1 x Ankle Cuffs (36cm x 5.5cm/14.2" x 2.2")
    1 x Rope (length: 10m)
    1 x Collar & Lead

    PRICE: £13.99



    Waxing Lyrical

    Wax play involves dripping melted wax over a partner's body for stimulation. It’s the perfect mix of pain and pleasure for many people. Don’t just grab your decorative Yankee candle though- specific candles are needed for wax play to avoid injury. Massage candles are perfect for beginners as they melt to an oil, or use soy or paraffin candles for a higher heat (they have lower burning temperatures than other candles so don’t get as hot). Do an allergy test no matter what you’re using before diving straight in. Prepare the skin first- wax and body hair becoming entangled is not pleasant. You can also consider using lotion or silicone based lubricant as a barrier between wax and skin to avoid a particularly messy clean up.

    Light the candle, and hold it above your partner's body to drip the melted wax over an area. Holding the candle higher will mean the wax has longer to fall, meaning it won’t be as hot, whereas closer equals more heat and sting. Remove wax when cool, using a blunt knife to slide it off.

    Remember, wax will get hotter the longer it burns so keep testing the temperature so it doesn’t become too much. I also strongly recommend keeping a bucket of water or extinguisher nearby. It might seem like overkill but a sexcapade ending in a 999 call? Not sexy at all. 


    Girl X Silicone 100ml

    Shop Girl X Silicone 100ml
    • Super slick silicone lubricant in a handy 100ml bottle
    • Silicone lubricants last a long time when compared to water, so less is more
    • Apply some silicone lubricant to your skin for wax play to protect your skin
    • Washes off with warm, soapy water
    • 100ml bottle can easily be stored 


    Premium Silicone Lubricant 100ml

    A fantastic ultra slippery massage oil that glides over the body.

    A new bedroom essential!

    Please do not use this lube with silicone sex toys.

    PRICE: £14.99



    Don’t Pass On Glass

    Glass dildos are perfect for temperature play because they retain heat or chill well. They’re made of the same sort of material your Pyrex ovenware is made of (that is to say, hardy and durable). I don’t recommend cooking a casserole in your glass dildo but the point stands- they’re very unlikely to break easily. To use, place in warm (not boiling) or ice water depending on your fancy and leave for around 10 minutes. 

    If you’re still not sold on glass, metal is another alternative for easy temperature control. Compatible with all lubricants, there’s no reason not to try something new!


    Explore Jewel Butt Plugs

    Jewel Butt Plugs
    • Perfect petite jewel butt plugs made from stainless steel
    • Easy to warm up or cool down for temperature play
    • Designed to not be too intimidating to a beginner
    • Available in a range of beautiful colours
    • Easy to clean in warm soapy water


    Total Length: 7.5 cm/3 inches

    Circumference: 9 cm/3.5inches

    Average Weight: 50 g

    A free gift bag is also included with every order.

    PRICE: £11.99



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