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    Lick Me Til Ice Cream - A Review Of The Satisfyer Sweet Treat

    Lick Me Til Ice Cream - A Review Of The Satisfyer Sweet Treat

    Eddie House |

    Okay so in the interest of honesty, I was so excited to review this product. The second these arrived on our suppliers website I snapped them up for the store I work in and have been longingly watching them sell ever since. I have been desperate to try out this toy and as luck would have it, I was asked to write a review. 

    This product's aesthetics appeal directly to every facet of my personality. The novelty shape of the ice cream is so cute, and the pastel colours of the toy solidifies the design aspect. I love pink, I love cute things, I love novelty- there could not be a more perfect toy for me to try out. The packaging is in line with all Satisfyer products which is clean and neat. Satisfyer packaging isn’t bad, not by a long stretch, but I find it a little bland especially when there’s so much potential to dress this toy up. This model comes in other colours- there’s a white and gold version or a black one I believe but they don’t have the same novelty value that the pink one possesses. 

    It’s not going to be a shock to anyone that I was excited to review this. I had seriously high hopes for this toy based entirely on the fact I liked how it looked. I’m sure I couldn’t have looked more like a kid in a sweet shop if I’d tried when it came to unboxing it. 


    The first thought once it was in my hand was “aww how cute”. This toy is small, only palm sized and it’s soft. The ribbed top (the part that rotates) is silky to the touch and flexes easily. From just looking at it I’d thought it would be more rigid but the lamellae are thin and delicate to provide a feather touch wherever they’re used. They also pick up every particle of dirt in a 10 mile radius. Luckily this toy is completely waterproof and therefore easy to submerge in toy cleaner so it isn't as difficult to clean as I expected.


    There’s a quick start guide inside the packaging which says to charge the toy for 3.5 hours for 50 minutes of playtime. There’s a magnetic charging cable included which I found a bit fussy as you have to be careful not to knock the toy off it’s charging points (and I’m a clumsy person trying to charge it on my desk). That’s also a long charging time for not a great deal of play which I think has been an issue with many Satisfyer products. I found when using it that it didn’t make it to the 50 minute mark but I was fiddling with the buttons and settings a lot.


    But oh God does the toy make up for it. From reading other reviews I had an idea to use a lot of lubricant with it so the silicone fins weren’t too draggy on my sensitive areas but I think after using it I’d definitely try without so much lube as I like a bit of friction. The rotating motion feels fantastic over nipples as well as the clitoris and I’m intrigued to know if it feels as good over the head of a penis too. The soft massaging sensation is almost tongue-like with added lube and although for me it was too gentle for me to orgasm directly from it, it felt amazing as foreplay. I’d love to use this toy in partner play as a way to tease someone before the main event. I have seen from other reviews that other people haven’t had a problem orgasming from this so maybe it’s my vibration hungry clit that’s the issue. 


    The rotation speed and patterns can be easily controlled through the button on the cone of the toy but it is easy to knock them accidentally due to their placement. The toy itself, as mentioned previously, is tiny so easy to hold and manipulate across your body (not like fighting with a plug in wand- my nemesis). 


    A downfall of this toy is that while the rotation feature is powerful, it also sounds like a helicopter about to take off. This is not “whisper quiet” no matter what Satisfyer wants to claim. This is a loud and not very discreet toy. To be honest, this doesn’t phase me even slightly as I’d already announced to my housemate I was off to use it, but for those in less open households, it might be a case of waiting until everyone’s gone out. 


    Overall, this toy is playful, it’s fun, and it’s cute as hell. There are some design flaws but nothing that personally would stop me buying one. For the price as well, it’s a great novelty to add to the collection or to start out small with something non intimidating. It would also make a lovely gift due to its fun factor. I’m obsessed with this toy and you should be too.


    Satisfyer Sweet Treat Spinnator

    Satisfyer Sweet Treat Spinnator
    • Clitoral stimulation through rotating lamellae
    • Body-friendly silicone
    • Waterproof (IPX7)
    • 11 intensive rotation settings
    • Whisper mode
    • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • Easy to clean
    • Magnetic USB charging cable included
      PRICE: £44.99



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