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    Royal Mail Strikes - Statement

    Royal Mail Strikes - Statement

    Daniel Beech |

    The Royal Mail Strikes are affecting us all. We understand that our use of this carrier is impacting our collective Christmas experience - whether you're buying or selling.

    Our hope is that the strikes calm down and we can continue to use the Royal Mail Service. However, if these strikes continue past January we will begin to look into changing carrier. 

    Unfortunately changing mail service is not an overnight task as all of our systems and stock programs would need to be fully re-integrated into new systems and software and not all mail carriers integrate properly with the programs we use.

    We will keep you updated on every decision we make and wish you a very merry Christmas. 


    UPDATE 14/12/22 - Collect Direct

    With strikes amidst and uncertainty on whether orders this Christmas period can be delivered on time we are now offering a collection service from our STOKE-ON-TRENT Warehouse.

    Click here for Collect Direct

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