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    Top 10 Bestsellers January 2022

    Top 10 Bestsellers January 2022

    Rose Alexandra |

    10 - The Darth Impaler Big 12 Inch Dildo Flesh

    Guaranteed to hit all the right spots this beast is ultra-satisfyingly firm with an amazing realistic feel erect girth, mimicking the real deal. Find your Dark Side and take on this 12.2 inches

    The Darth Impaler Big 12 Inch Dildo Flesh

    Darth Impaler

    9 - Sexy Emporium Jewelled Metal Beginner Butt Plug 3 Inch Pink

    If you're looking for something beautiful AND stimulating our butt plugs are available in an array of beautiful colours so spoil yourself silly.

    Sexy Emporium Jewelled Metal Beginner Butt Plug 3 Inch Pink



    8 - PRO Rings - Mens Cock Ring Set

    Elevate your partners sexual experiences with the PRO Rings set.
    while your pleasuring them internally with an erection that may be bigger, stronger and able to last a while longer.

    PRO Rings - Mens Cock Ring Set



    7 - Hung Lover 10 Inch Dildo Black

    The 10 Inch Hung Lover Dildo is a meticulously detailed oversize dildo, featuring veins that bulge from the long, textured shaft, waiting ready to accompany you through intense rides of orgasmic bliss.

    Hung Lover 10 Inch Dildo Black



    6 - Waterproof Dolphin Vibrator Pink

    The new design powerful G-spot dolphin vibrator is a comfortable, easy to use vibe. Perfect for beginners, this vibrator is packed with power and has been ergonomically designed to massage your G-spot thanks to the careful angles it offers. 

    Waterproof Dolphin Vibrator Pink


    5 - Trigger Force 1 Penis Pump

    This Penis Pump is based on the principles of penis enlargement. This industry breakthrough has significantly reduced the number of people wanting surgery around the world. You gradually intensify the traction on the penis and your body will respond with fast growth of penile tissue cells. To put it differently, the penis shaft will step-by-step repair the tissue to become longer and with more girth.

    Trigger Force 1 Penis Pump



    4 - Superior 7 Inch Dildo Brown

    Coming in at number 4 - the details on this 7 inch dildo have been added by hand, to capture every single nuance of penis goodness; veins, bulges, creases and contours. The balls have been realistically detailed with grooves and creases to provide that extra grip. No wonder it's so popular!

    Superior 7 Inch Dildo Brown


    3 - Real Lover 10 Inch Suction Cup Dildo Flesh

    From top to bottom bulging veins line the 7.87 inch insertable shaft to provide intense stimulation. The bulbous head is a hit and helps create that nice full feeling once he’s inserted. Soft to touch, and comfortable to use, bump and grind your way to orgasm as you take advantage of the powerful suction cup base that has been designed specifically to withstand the tremoring shudders of a climaxing human. 

    Real Lover 10 Inch Suction Cup Dildo Flesh



    2 - Pink Lantern Male Masturbator Vagina

    Made of medical grade, soft & smooth Silicone & it includes a vibration setting at no extra cost! This toy has been designed to look & feel the part. You'll be want more & more, it's better than a missus! It's no wonder this life-like vagina has a claim to number 2!

    Pink Lantern Male Masturbator Vagina

    Pink Lantern Male Masturbator Vagina

    1 - Powerful 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator Black

    Obviously this iconic Bullet Vibrator comes in at number 1.

    Check out its features:

    ❤ Mini Bullet Vibe, so little but so so strong
    ❤ Material: Medical grade Silicone/ABS
    ❤ Measures 3(L) x 0.67(W) Inch
    ❤ 10 Modes Frequency

    Powerful 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator Black



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