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    Try On A New Persona With 5 Roleplay Ideas For The Bedroom And Beyond

    Try On A New Persona With 5 Roleplay Ideas For The Bedroom And Beyond

    Eddie House |

    Roleplay is an easy way to spice up a stale relationship that has fallen into the same patterns. The biggest worry about roleplay is “won’t I feel silly?”. While this might happen at the start, a costume or outfit designed to boost your confidence and help you take on the persona of a new character can work wonders. Here’s five popular roleplay scenarios to make fantasy a reality.


    1 - Strip Search

    The key in this insanely popular roleplay situation is in the details. Handcuffs? Baton? Police Hat? All set. Luckily for you, this cutie cop outfit comes with all the accessories needed for a night spent under arrest. The scenario goes like this: a poor suspect is brutally questioned by the officer until finally, a strip search is demanded. Think hands running over bodies and a possible cavity search (if all goes to plan). 

    Sexy Pink Police Officer Costume

    Sexy Pink Police Officer Costume


    2 - Unruly Undead

    Twilight popularized the “sexy vampire” trope but that doesn’t mean that in 2008 we should have had all the fun. Give a dark fantasy twist to your bedroom play with this Fetish Fantasy Vampire set. Slip those fangs in and play the role of the depraved succubus in order to seduce your partner. I’d suggest removing the fangs before you bite your partner's neck but honestly it’s personal preference at this point. Take advantage of your dozing partner to seduce them and suck their…blood, then vanish in the night.

    Fetish Fantasy Twilight Night Set

    Fetish Fantasy Twilight Night Set



    3 - Get Down And Dirty

    There’s so much fun to be had with a classic French maid outfit, plus it’s a chance to get some of those cleaning jobs sorted. Flick your feather duster around, with lots of stretching and bending to tease the boss. This also works for waiting on the boss hand and foot until they decide that the work “uniform” is the last thing left to be cleaned. Strip it off to throw in the direction of the laundry basket and have your fun from there!

    Penthouse Teaser Maid Lingerie Set



    4 - Mysterious Stranger

    One night stands can be very appealing and the anonymity of a stranger can be even more so. Have your partner dress up (maybe add a wig for extra spice) and “meet” in a public place like a bar, acting as if you have no idea who the other is. Each person should have a backstory prepared (that’s if you even want to get as far as talking). This works best if you have a hotel room prepared ready for the after drink introductions. This Penthouse club dress is the perfect option for a sexy stranger.

    Penthouse Heart Rob Mini Dress




    5 - Full Physical

    Perfect if you need mouth to mouth, this outfit is great for conducting a physical exam. Get your partner undressed and slowly examine each part of their body until arriving at the conclusion their symptoms are due to the fact they require an orgasm as “treatment”. How you achieve that step is up to you!

    Naughty Nurse Costume

    Naughty Nurse Costume



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