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    Why Do some Have Suction Cups? Sexy Emporium Answers All of Your Dildo Questions

    Why Do some Have Suction Cups? Sexy Emporium Answers All

    Daniel Beech |

    Dildos, the preferred plaything for achieving an extraordinary orgasm according to many. For some, these intriguing objects remain enigmatic unicorns, their mystical capabilities yet to be unveiled. You're familiar with the variety - some resembling authentic phalluses, while others deviate from the norm. The question lingers: where exactly do they go inside you? Your comprehension extends, but how extensive is it really? Lets find out. We answered some of our customers questions and published them to help educate and spread awareness, so lets get into it.

    What is a Dildo?

    Designed for penetrative stimulation, a dildo is a non-vibrating sex toy suitable for those with either a penis or a vagina. The conventional image that may pop into your mind involves a lifelike, flesh-colored, penis-shaped toy, and indeed, there are plenty of those around.

    However, the realm of dildos expands far beyond, encompassing an immense array of styles, sizes, colors, shapes, textures, materials... the possibilities are endless.

    Why would you need them if you have the real thing?

    Congratulations on enjoying the pleasures of sex with a partner! However, there are various reasons why individuals, whether in relationships or not, might consider incorporating a dildo.

    Speaking specifically of realistic dildos, a significant number of people appreciate both the appearance and the lifelike texture of these authentic toys. Mirroring real penises, they boast diverse shapes and sizes, catering to everyone from novices to seasoned users.

    Beyond solo enjoyment, they can fulfil threesome or double penetration fantasies with a partner, eliminating the need for additional participants.

    In the absence of the "real thing," a realistic dildo emerges as a fantastic means of delivering those delightful sensations. Crafted with defined heads, raised veins, and often featuring a pair of bulbous balls, these dildos seamlessly transition us to our next inquiry

    Why are there some made of Glass?

    We have a unique range of dildos crafted from solid borosilicate glass right here at Sexy Emporium. Despite their delicate appearance, these dildos are constructed from remarkably durable glass, ensuring they can be used hot or cold without any risk of chipping, cracking, or breaking, so do not worry they can not break inside of you.

    Perfect for temperature play, their rigidity makes them exceptional tools for G-spot or prostate stimulation. Additionally, these glass wonders often feature curved, textured shapes, delivering intense, angled pleasure—undoubtedly a winning choice for your satisfaction.

    Why do some have Balls?

    Certain realistic dildos feature base balls for several strategic reasons.

    Primarily, they serve as a clever handle, enabling you to grasp, angle, and manoeuvre the dildo precisely to your liking. Moreover, these balls contribute to enhancing the authentic appearance of the dildo, a major turn-on for many individuals. Thirdly, akin to real testicles, they can arouse external hotspots, stimulating the clitoris, anus, or perineum depending on your chosen use.

    Will my partner get Jealous?

    Introducing any type of sex toy into your intimate space calls for a candid and open conversation with your partner.

    Ensure that both of you view the toy as a delightful, pleasurable, and exciting enhancement to your shared sexual experiences, rather than a substitute.

    Numerous sex toys, including dildos, are designed to stimulate both partners either individually or simultaneously, enriching your intimate connection. Explore the realm of pleasure together with the seamless integration of a dildo into your shared moments.

    Why do some have Suction Cups?

    Discover the versatility of suction cups, essential components at the base of specific dildos. These innovative features enable the toy to securely adhere to any hard, flat surface, providing a hands-free experience.

    Now, you can liberate your hands to explore other areas or introduce additional toys, such as a mini vibrator or a magic wand, for an enhanced experience. Moreover, suction cups seamlessly complement compatible harnesses, facilitating partner play with your dildo. Explore the possibilities of hands-free pleasure with our suction cup-equipped dildos.

    Are Dildos safe for Anal Play?

    Ensure a toy is deemed safe for anal use by checking for a flared base, crucial for preventing any unwarranted travel. The anus has a tendency to draw items in rapidly, and retrieval may necessitate professional assistance.

    Prioritise your safety with anal toys featuring a secure flared base, avoiding potential complications and ensuring a worry-free experience.

    Are Dildos going to replace Me?

    You're far beyond just your physical aspects. A sex toy cannot substitute for the profound intimacy, connection, and attraction that have united you in a relationship. It's a complement, not a replacement, enhancing the rich tapestry of your shared experiences and connection.

    I hope we have helped you learn something, if you have any other questions please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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