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    Women's Blog to Better Orgasms - With Dildos!

    Women's Blog to Better Orgasms - With Dildos!

    Chantelle Lee |

    Well ladies, we all know there is nothing worse then a women that isn’t being fully satisfied in the bedroom!

    You know how it is - a man or woman promises you the best orgasms of your life! The oh babe you are in for a right treat! Oh babe I’m going to make you scream tonight! Or the best one I don’t think you’ll be able to handle me!

    Explore Dildos!

    Well let’s just say that a lot of them are sometimes quiet the disappointment really aren’t they! Let’s face it you may have seen the TikTok videos with the song saying ‘I’m going to put you in seven positions for seventy minutes..’ and it actually lasting about 5 seconds! And how true is that to your sex life sometimes? You get all excited thinking ‘yes I’m going to have wild sex tonight to be hit again with disappointment. Or maybe your just one of the many women that find it hard to have an orgasm or it takes you awhile to reach climax, there’s nothing wrong with that many woman do take a bit longer.

    But let’s face it when we aren’t fully satisfied that’s when the moods kick in, you start to feel low, almost like a slight depression has set into action, feel a tad grumpy and well no one wants to feel like that.

    AND - this is where sex toys come in!! There are so many different types of sex toys nowadays to choose from:




    Butt plugs

    Anal toys

    Bondage kits

    And many more… 

    If you’re a beginner and never tried sex toys before you will be in for an overwhelming treat!


    Let’s start with dildos!

    Dildos are great for people looking for something that resembles an actual penis. Many dildos are lifelike and very realistic. They are often textured with bulging veins to give you the full effect as well as a ball sack providing you extra grip. It is advised that if you are using a dildo for the first time you start off with a slightly smaller one to allow your body to naturally adjust and then work your way up to the larger ones. Believe me, there are some large well hung ones available which will definitely not leave you disappointed!

    You will also find that the majority of dildos come with a suction cup base, so no need for a partner. You can experience these handsfree and solo! Simply stick it to a flat surface and away you go. Making sure you try it in different ways to find the best way to suit you and bring you to that ultimate climax you have been longing for. Or how about being a little bit more adventurous and trying it out in the bath or shower. Remember dildos are 100% waterproof so why limit your fun!

    Here’s an idea of some dildos to get you started or think about adding to your collection!

    Product Image Product Information
    Superior 5 Inch Realistic Dildo

    Superior 5 Inch Realistic Dildo | Sexy Emporium

    Perfect for all beginners this highly textured dildo will leave you wanting more and more. With a smooth head and tapered tip for an easier insertion, the textured veiny shaft gives your inner an intense massage. With a total length of 7 inches and an insertable length of nearly 5 inches all you will need to decide on is the colour!

    Curved Expert 8 Inch Realistic Dildo

    Curved Expert 8 Inch Realistic Dildo | Sexy Emporium

    With an almost 45 degree curve this dildo has been designed to massage your g-spot whilst providing a sensational ride that will deliver intense pleasure!

    The Impaler 13 Inch Dildo

    The Impaler 13 Inch Dildo | Sexy Emporium

    Well, the size will make your jaw drop and your inner thighs tickle at just the sight! This large dildo is a beast that easily puts all to shame. For the advanced sex toy user there wont be any complaints after this one!

    So, you can see dildos come in all shapes and sizes so there is guaranteed to be your perfect match. No more waiting around for anyone else, these dildos are always ready and never tire out.

    Dildos are a very popular sex toy with individuals and even couples or groups, so don’t think that you can only use them alone! Many couples will use them during foreplay as well as intercourse to warm up their partner’s body and to get their nerve endings tingling and bringing them to the point of orgasm.

    Some couples also pair the dildos up with an adjustable harness for hours of hands-free fun.


    Don't Forget Lubricant!

    Don't Forget Lubricant!

    One thing that can’t be stressed enough when using sex toys is to always use plenty of lube!!

    Lube should be your best friend and you can never use too much.

    There is a wide range of lubes that can be used including different bases such as water, oil and hybrids, you can find a full range of flavours and even lubes that make you tingle or feel warm, all of which make for a great time between the sheets!

    Sex Lubricants & Oils | Sexy Emporium

    So, you will be sure to find something that will tickle your tastes. Just make sure you use the correct type of lube for your sex toy!!

    Sex Lubricants & Oils


    DON’T forget hygiene is key. Always remember to clean your sex toy before and after every use to avoid any unwanted bacteria or infections in occur.

    Now go grab a dildo and begin exploring all the endless possibilities today!!



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