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    Best Anal Sex Toy Guide

    Looking to purchase an anal sex toy? Not quite sure what the best anal toy to buy is? Well, we have you covered. Buying an anal sex toy can be quite daunting, especially if you are a beginner to anal play. There is such a vast variety of anal toys nowadays, there is no surprise you might be feeling a little confused!

    In the past anal sex and penetration weren’t often discussed much, whereas now the younger generation, seem to be a lot more open about the subject at hand. So much so that the anal sex toy industry has seen a huge increase in sales, enabling them to increase their range of products.

    A lot of people still just think that the only anal sex toys available are the standard metal butt plugs! Well, let’s just say that isn’t the case anymore. Although the metal butt plugs are still extremely popular with people, of all levels of experience in anal play, there are many other toys such as, anal vibrators, anal beads, anal dildos and more.

    Here we have put together a guide on the most popular butt plugs, hopefully making your decision easier and less daunting.


    Jewelled Butt Plug

    Jewel Butt PlugsThese jewelled butt plugs are one of the best seller in the anal sex toy category. Absolutely stunning and give a touch of a sparkle to your anus. Designed using durable stainless steel, making them easy to use and clean. They are the perfect piece for beginners of anal play. So, if you’re looking for something beautiful for hours of sexual fun this could be you go to toy. They are available in a wide range of jewel colours.
    PRICE: £11.99



    Dragons Tail Anal Beads

    Dragons Tail Anal Beads

    Perfect for beginners, these anal beads are firm enough to work with, yet soft enough to be comfortable! The beads increase in size as you work your way down them, allowing your body to adjust to this foreign object you are inserting into your anus. They feature a sturdy loop at the bottom for an easy removal.

    PRICE: £9.99



    Vibrating Butt Plug

    Vibrating Butt PlugDesigned to tantalize. This teaser is an ideal anal toy for a beginner or a cheeky stimulator for the more experienced. You will feel each pleasurable vibration as it descends deeper. Tickling and stimulating to your secret sweet spot. This anal toy is 100% waterproof and comes with 7 amazing functions, you will enjoy time and time again.
    PRICE: £18.99



    When using anal sex toys, always remember to use plenty of lube. Your anus is a very sensitive area, as it is made up of never endings and is very delicate.  You want your anal play to be an experience of pleasure and not painful. So, add lube the more then better and enjoy the sensations.