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    Best Male Sex Toy Guide

    First time purchasing a sex toy? Looking to buy a new sex toy? Not quite sure what the best male sex toy for you is? Well don’t worry we have you covered! Buying your first male sex toy can seem a bit daunting at the beginning as you might not know exactly what you’re looking for, or even how certain items are used. The amount of different male sex toys nowadays is surprisingly massive compared to the past, they have evolved significantly and are purchased more frequently. So, it isn’t surprising that some men might find themselves getting a little confused.  

    It’s a well-known fact that sex toys make a great addition to our bedroom routines, regardless of gender, anatomy or sexual orientation. However, men have been shamed in the past for incorporating toys into their sex lives. Unfortunately, some studies have shown that due to this, men are less likely to use them than people from other genders.

    It’s a shame really as sex toys truly are amazing! Regarding male sex toys, you can now purchase high quality cock rings, butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, penis sleeves, penis pumps, vibrators and many other fun products which help inject more variety into your sex life. Male sex toys not only enhance your performance but can also boost a couple’s sexual frequency.

    You can’t deny how amazing sex toys are when used during masturbation.  Let’s face it there is a whole world of solo fun to be had beyond just jerking off like you perhaps used to as a teenager, back in the day.

    Sex toys haven’t been designed to intimidating, but to be fun and enjoyable, hence the word ‘toy’. So, what a better time than now to start exploring your sexuality and broadening your horizons.  We have devised a list of some of our best sellers to help give you more of an insight into the male sex toys world!


    Cock Rings

    The Classic Rabbit Cock Ring
    The Classic Rabbit Cock Ring is one of our best-selling cock rings to date. It is easy to use and great for solo stimulation or when used with a partner. With a removable bullet providing you with incredible power each time. Featuring flexible rabbit ears ready to flutter the female clitoris, bringing both partners to an amazing orgasm. Superbly stretchy and fits most penis sizes.  
    PRICE: £15.99


    Penis Pumps

    Trigger Force 1 Penis Pump
    The Trigger Force 1 Penis Pump is perfect for penis pump beginners. Creating a vacuum space around your penis helping to enlarge your penis better than any pump has before! With a one-handed trigger to help make pumping easier. Penis pumps are a great aid for erectile dysfunction. When used over a period of time you will start to notice longer lasting results.
    PRICE: £16.99


    Male Masturbator

    Pink Lantern Male Masturbator

    The Pink Lantern is a very popular and powerful male masturbator and to date one of our bestsellers. Features a lifelike vagina, which can be loosened or tightened to meet you preferred requirements, or why not switch it up to a mouth. Perfect for all sex toy users from beginners to experts. Also has the added bonus of vibrations giving you more stimulations.

    PRICE: £13.99


    Rocks Off Hands Solo Male Masturbator

    Rocks Off Hands Solo Male Masturbator

    Rocks off Hands Solo is another great seller, with its unique open sleeve for masturbation, made with seductively textured inner contours.

    The Hands Solo fits all penis sizes and its firm grip gives you a long-lasting thrilling, throbbing sensation. Featuring a 7-speed bullet guaranteed to send you into orbit!

    PRICE: £20.00



    These are just a few of the many amazing toys we have on offer! Don’t forget when using sex toys to make sure you apply lubricants before and during use to avoid any unnecessary discomfort or friction being caused.