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    Clitoral Stimulation Guide

    A vital part of female pleasure is clitoral stimulation. You may find it is often the easiest way for most woman to reach an orgasm. There are sex toys which have been specifically designed to target the sensitive hot spot which are a massive hit, with their repetitive and powerful motions of vibration being such an effective and reliable way to help encourage climax.

    You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to clitoral stimulators, as they’re in such high demand! To help you make decision easier, we have come up with a helpful breakdown for the toys best used for masturbation and those that can be used with a partner. 




    Bullets Example

    Bullet vibrators are perfect for a quick release. They are small, discreet and powerful. Bullets are designed for efficiency, so you will find they have limited

    vibration settings and often minimal features, however that doesn’t affect their performance and they will still get you to climax. These compact vibes are also a great way to start introducing sex toys to your partner! Simply hold the bullet against your clitoris during penetrative sex for unobtrusive stimulation.


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    Massage Wand Example

    Massage wands are perfect for all parts of the body. They are able to deliver soft and gentle arousals to hard, climatic vibrations. Perfect for clitoral

    stimulation or massage pleasure, making massage wands are a well-rounded sex toy. Massage wands can hit those hard-to-reach spots with their flexible necks, as they curve to the shape of your body. Massage wands are available as battery powered or mains operated. They also come in a range of sizes making them great for at home or on the go!


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    Rabbit Vibrator Example

    Rabbit vibrators are one of the best-known sex toys for women! They work wonders with their rabbit ears teasing and pleasuring the clit, whilst the shaft

    delivers you an incredible, internal stimulation. Rabbit vibes are known for their multi-speed and pulsation settings. You may find some often step away from the traditional trademark rabbit ears and instead opt for a sleeker style, don’t let that put you off, they don’t compromise on the amount of pleasure given.


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    Oral Sex Stimulators Example

    When you’re craving some oral sex during solo play, oral sex stimulators are just the sex toy for you. They’re often combined with vibrating features, making

    every touch more intense then the last. There are two main types available, a sucker and tongue-style. As in the name the sucker does just that, bringing stimulation to the surface of your clit making you more aroused and extra sensitive. Whilst the tongue-style gives a swirling flicker and licks that promise to feel like the real thing. So, no more excuses for missing out on oral sex!


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    Cock Rings Example

    Although cock rings are primarily a male sex toy, many of them are designed with a clitoral stimulator to allow for joint pleasure. These are unintimidating

    and user-friendly. You will notice that the clitoral stimulator will often be in the form of a bumper (a bar that runs along the top of the ring) or even as rabbit ears. Mainly powered by a bullet vibrator, allowing both to experience the delight from the tingling vibrations. He will experience a stronger and longer lasting erection, which enables both of you to reap the rewards.


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    Cock Sleeves Example

    Some of the cock sleeves are available with a rabbit-style, clitoral stimulator. However, not all the cock sleeves have this feature so be sure to check before purchasing. Similarly, a penis sleeve will deliver a harder, more prolonged erections for him.



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    Couple's Vibrator Example

    These vibrators are specifically designed for couples, often slightly more expensive than your standard vibrator but definitely worth the extra money. Normally in the shape of a ‘C’, one end presses against her clitoris, whilst the other internally rests against her g-spot, giving her a secure fit whilst targeting her most sensitive spots. Additionally, allowing him room to penetrate and receive stimulation from the vibrations. 


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