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    Couples Sex Toy Guide

    What’s better than joint pleasure? Honestly knowing that you’re both enjoying extraordinary intercourse, gives some people even more pleasure. That’s where couples sex toys come into play. They are perfect for foreplay and intercourse, introducing new ways to play and allowing you to explore each other’s bodies with intense pleasure, be it in the bedroom, bathroom or anywhere you desire! Couples sex toys like our G-spot vibrators and prostate massagers, help you find the elusive G-spot. If you’re looking to take your experiences to the next level and give bondage a try, we have just the gear to turn the heat up!



    There is a great range of vibrators available, from a classic bullet to internal g-spot vibrators, all in a variety of different shapes, sizes and variations. The majority of couples vibrators are waterproof, so you can pleasure each other whilst having a bath or shower, so you don’t have to limit yourselves to the bedroom. You may find that when it comes to sex, a lot of men tend to be more visual, so you can guarantee he will love being able to watch you writhe beneath him, while he takes control of your pleasure. While our vibrating cock rings are great for getting him hard, they also work wonders for providing you both with intense pleasure.

    One of the ultimate couple sex toys are the remote-control vibrators. Fantastic for couples who like to take control and maximize the pleasurable experience, hands free. Long distance relationships definitely take its toll on some couples, especially as the anticipation of their arrival builds up, so does your excitement for play. Sometimes you simply can’t wait that long! Well now you don’t have too, with a great new range of couple’s sex toys which can be used to satisfy one another, no matter the distance. So, connect on a very intimate level, whether you’re a few meters away or an entire ocean apart, it will feel as though you are right next to each other.

    Remote vibrators are often used to stimulate just one or both of you together, making them perfect for foreplay. Adjust the speed and pulsation settings while you relish in the power of having her at your mercy. This is sexy to watch and have you both highly aroused for another round.

    There’s so much excitement and fun to be had with these remote-control sex toys, so why limit yourself?



    Most of us have tried massaging as a method of foreplay at some point, it is very well known to arouse couples. But do we know the best way to go about massaging? Here are a few things to consider when massaging, to keep you going much longer!

    Before anything massage oils are a must! Try to avoid body lotion as the are very quickly absorbed into the skin and that could interrupt the momentum of the massage. Solutions that are best used are oil based as they provide a good consistency and don’t ruin clothes, towels or sheets.

    Make sure you warm up the oil, by squirting it into your hands and rubbing them together, before placing it on your partner’s body. It might look sexy squirting the oil directly onto your partners body, but it’s not!

    Take it slow, a lot of people try to rush through massages. Start with gentle strokes over the muscles slowly allowing them time to warm up before applying more pressure gradually. A good way to avoid tiring your hands out is to focus on using your thumbs. A great tip, is to start with an open hand technique, stroking up and down the body, continue this for about 10 minutes then move on to your thumbs, teasing out all the knots.



    Generally, cock rings are used by men, to retain blood in the shaft, making everything feel twice as sensitive to the penis. Whether they are plain or vibrating they both bring just as much pleasure.

    The plain cock rings create enough pressure which will leave you an earth-shattering good orgasm, whilst the vibrating cock ring will come with a bullet, either built in or attached. This allows great pleasure for both men and women, as the bullet doubles up as a great clitoral stimulator.

    Cock rings are mainly made from a stretchy material, making them comfortable to wear and perform in and will generally fit the majority of penises.



    If you are a couple looking to venture into this field you need to understand that restraints aren’t just for having sex tied down, they are however about trust and experimentation. Basic restraint materials, blindfolds, handcuffs and silk ties, are the best way to start.

    There are many ways handcuffs can be used in the bedroom. A typical way to restrain your partner with handcuffs, is to have them threaded though the headboard, leaving your partner in the perfect position for teasing with temperature alternating materials, like ice cubes or hot wax.

    You could add more intensity to the experience by adding an extra set of ankle cuffs, leaving your partner totally immobile and entirely at your mercy.

    For this type of play, bed restraints are perfect! They are often lightly padded for added comfort and unlikely to break easily, as they tend to be thicker and heavier to avoid cutting off circulation. Buckles or Velcro are normally used to help keep them in place as they can be adjusted easily and removed quickly.

    Perfect for someone wanting to tantalize the senses with a little foreplay before the main advent. Simply attach to each corner of the bed, so you can explore every inch of the body.

    Bed restraints are versatile and can be used by both men and women – because men enjoy being tied up and teased just as much as women do. Up the level of teasing and apply a soft blindfold over his eyes, as well as restraining his wrists and ankles, so he isn’t tempted to touch you. Then you’ll have full control of his cock, balls and nipples.

    Talking him through what you are doing gives him the best of both worlds, as men are highly stimulated by the visual aspects of sex.

    Then when you’re ready, switch places and have him restrain you either on your back or front, spread across the bed. This will allow him to use the toys to the best of his ability. Like using a clitoral vibrator to run over her nipples and clitoris to really get her going!

    Restraints will open a new world of possibilities for you both to explore and enjoy together!