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    G-Spot Sex Toy Guide

    The G-spot is known as one of the most intense areas for female pleasure, however most will ask, how do you find your g-spot? Or what are the best toys to stimulate it? Well, there are a range of insertable toys which have been designed specifically to hit the internal sweet spot, as well as stimulate it effectively.

    Your g-spot feels slightly different to the rest of your vagina and is located about 1-3 inches inside your vagina on the wall front. It is sometimes slightly raised or bumpy in texture. Its worth looking for as many women have reported phenomenal orgasms from stimulating their g-spot!



    Now its time to explore your vagina! The best way to do this is to use either yours or your partners fingers. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position before starting. You will need a couple of fingers, which you will need to insert inside yourself (palm facing up), once the fingers are inside you make a ‘come here’ beckoning motion. You should be able to feel a raised bumpy area as your fingers curl inside you. You may find that it is slightly higher or lower or even more to the side then expected, so you may need to explore slightly longer.  

    If it feels good, makes you feel like you need to pee, find it becomes more swollen as you continue stimulating it or even that you could orgasm from prolonged stimulation, then you have found your g-spot!!



    Want to give your fingers a rest and tip yourself over the edge even more? Then why not experiment with some of the g-spot toys, waiting to give you that mind blowing orgasm every time.

    G-spot toys are designed with a pronounced curve at the top, perfectly positioned to hit your g-spot in the right way from the first insertion. Consistent motion and gradually escalating the speed or pressure is the key to more pleasurable stimulation for many women.

    This is when vibrators are perfect for the task, with their range of motions and patterns, which can be ramped up or turned down. This comes in useful as a g-spot orgasm can often take a little bit longer to reach.

    You will find the best toys will be made from a smooth material and be a simple design, which is comfortable during prolonged penetration.



    It’s been known that many women have actually been able to ejaculate from extended internal stimulation. However not every g-spot orgasm will result in ejaculation, some may squirt without having an orgasm or you may find you don’t orgasm at all, but the main thing is you are having fun, believe it or not it is all perfectly normal.

    When you’ve located your g-spot and have got yourself into a rhythmic motion massaging, you will then start to notice that you may suddenly have an urge to pee quite a lot, don’t panic, as long as you went before hand, you will be fine.

    Often the feeling will disappear and leave you with a mind-blowing orgasm, or you will get the urge to push out your pelvic floor and ejaculate. Some women are able to ejaculate or squirt easier than others and some are able to have an orgasm without producing fluid, everyone is different.

    Just remember that the fluid a women ejaculates is not urine. Also try not to clench your pelvic floor muscles, instead push them out, it might help you to ejaculate. Try not to put yourself under pressure, as this could prevent you from being able to. So experimenting is key to learning more about your body and what ways will give you the most pleasure.