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    How To Choose A Couples Sex Toy Guide

    In every sexual relationship there comes a point when it becomes time to start spicing things up a bit, when it comes to the bedroom. In some cases, this will be starting to add sex toys into the mix or experimenting more during foreplay and intercourse. You will find that a lot of sex toys are designed for solo use rather then couples play, which is all well and good until you want to get your partner involved.

    We have put together a guide to help you and your partner get your freak on together when it comes to couple’s sex toys.


    About sex toys

    To start let’s just emphasis on the fact that sex toys have dramatically changed over the years, there is now a staggering variety of sizes, shapes, colours available!

    If you have been thinking sex toys haven’t been around that long you will be surprised to know that in actual fact, they have been around a lot longer then you thought, most likely your great, great grandma had a sex toy back in her day. Surprisingly sexy toys actually date back 30,000 years (and possibly more.)

    Some sexual aids actually date back as far as 500 BC, when phalluses would have been carved out of stone, wood or leather, tar was also sometimes used as well. In fact, there are also historical reports that often reference that the Egyptians’ and Greeks would often have used unripe bananas or camel dung, coated in resin as a sexual aid.

    Dildos didn’t actually arrive to the UK until the 1500s.

    So, you can see sex toys have come a long way since them times and nowadays a lot of sex toys incorporate everything from smartphones to virtual reality. Often even though they may have been designed for solo play you can in fact turn the tables and introduce them into couples sex toys.

    It is an idea to approach couples’ sex toys in stages, making sure you are both comfortable and excited when selecting a sex toy to try.


    Discuss couples sex toys with your partner

    It’s always best to start with making sure your partner is on board because you might be extremely eager, where as your partner might not be as keen. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience for the pair of you, so by discussing it properly, before going out and stocking up on a load of new toys, you can make sure you are both on the same level and know exactly where you both stand with limits and boundaries.

    Purchasing couples sex toys

    Picking sex toys together is part of the fun of choosing which sex toys are suited to you and your partner. Taking your partner with you to purchase the new toys could be the support you need, if you are feeling a little shy or embarrassed about entering a sex shop.

    Supporting each other through the process is a great way to become confident and more comfortable when making decisions on sex toys, rather then having to make the choices alone.

    If you feel that going into a shop to purchase your new toys really isn’t for you then you always have the option of online shopping. You can also make this fun and use it as an introduction of a little seduction, by floating the idea of shopping for sex toys around in your sexual routine.

    Start with the basics

    So, you have both discussed and agreed using couples sex toys is the way forward and now you’re trying to decide what the best toys to start with are? Well, there is nothing wrong with starting off by sticking to the basics, it’s still a start.

    A good toy to start with could be couples’ vibrators. There is a wide variety of couples vibes and so many different ways they can be used. They are designed to give both parties an equal amount of stimulation, including male partners. The vibrator delivers the vibration to the scrotum, shaft and the head of the penis.

    Bullet vibrators are also a great way to begin as sometimes one of the partners might be slightly intimidated by the size of a vibe. Bullet vibes are small, compact and not as daunting to look at. They are very basic to use so anyone is able to come to terms on how to use a bullet vibe, very rare they require the knowledge of lots of gadgets. The main thing is they can be enjoyed by both you and your partner.

    Tried the basics and want to explore more, then how about adding in massage oils and butt plugs, these will help spice up foreplay and help stimulate your senses.

    Although couples’ vibrators are extremely popular there are other sex toys designed for a great experience. For example, vibrating cock rings. These are worn around the penis and often come with attachments which have been designed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris, as well as enhancing the males’ sensations.

    What about pegging?

    Some might question what pegging is? Well basically it is when a female partner penetrates a male partner with a strap-on dildo. This has in fact become increasingly popular among couples. Many men now adays are more open to experiencing the intense sexual pleasure of anal and prostate stimulation.

    Pegging has also been known to deepen the intimacy between couples, as it gives an insight to men on how it feels to be on the receiving end of intercourse. It has also been told that pegging will produce a more intense orgasm for men, due to the dildo stimulating the male G-spot.

    Strap-dildos come in different sizes, so you can start off with the smaller size and work your way up to the large ones. Take it at your leisure, there’s no need to rush into anything. 

    What are the best couple sex toys?

    Well like any sex toys it is all down to personal choice and what works best for you and your partner. Knowing your bodies and what you are wanting to achieve from using couples sex toys will help you decide what sex toy will work best for you.

    A couple of our best sellers are…


    Classic Smoke Cock Ring Linx

    Classic Smoke Cock Ring Linx
    • The Linx Classic Smoke cock ring has a textured design that complements the powerful buzz of the bullet
    • This ring is stretchy, comfortable to wear and gives him a firmer erection that lasts longer. It also delivers a perfect buzz that both partners will love
    • This cock ring has a single motor and a single speed that edges him on to ecstasy. It can be worn in a number of ways for creative partner and solo pleasure
    PRICE: £12.99



    Real Feel 14.5 Inch Double Ended Dildo Brown

    Real Feel 14.5 Inch Double Ended Dildo Brown
    • Insertable Length: 14.5 Inches (370mm)
    • Diameter Thick End: 1.87 Inches (47mm)
    • Diameter Slim End: 0.75 Inches (19mm)
    • Circumference Thick End: 5.9 Inches (150mm)
    • Circumference Slim End: 2.36 Inches (60mm)
    PRICE: £17.99



    Realistic Strap-On Kit

    Realistic Strap-On Kit
    • Our Anal Starter Dildo is the perfect way for anal beginners to explore their curiosity
    • 4.5” x 1" insertable
    • Firm and flexible
    • For beginners and experts
    • Though it may look small at first, if you’re a newbie to anal you will realise a dildo of any size will be a challenge
    • The Sexy Emporium Anal Starter Dildo is finished with a suction cup, giving you hands free and strap on harness capabilities
    PRICE: £18.99



    There is a wide range of different sex toys which are perfect for couple found on our website. So have a browse and see what tickles your fancies.


    Maintaining your sex toys

    Sex toys don’t come cheap so the last thing you want is to use it once, not taken care of it correctly, come to use it again and find it is damaged.

    The main thing to remember is to make sure you clean your sex toys thoroughly after every use. You don’t need to go out and spend loads of money on specialized cleaning products its as simple as warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Then either a pat down to dry or leave to air dry. Not forgetting that if your toy requires batteries, you remove batteries to avoid battery erosion. By making sure your toy has been cleaned correctly every time you will reduce the spread of any unwanted infections.

    Storing your toy away correctly also plays a massive part in keeping your sex toy in action. Remember that some materials react to others, so it is a good Idea to get into the habit of placing your sex toys in to separate bags so that they aren’t touching one another, preventing them materials to melt into one another, stain, mark or even cause damage.

    Knowing about the material in which your sex toy is made from is important to know. More so when it comes to experimenting with anal play. This is when lubricants come into play the most, so know that silicone-based lubes can’t be used on silicone toys is a must know. Also, if you’re planning on using condoms whilst experimenting you need to know that oil-based lubricants will weaken the condom causing it to split easily.

    The main thing with anything sexual is to enjoy it! Remember communication is key when it comes to experimenting as a couple, make sure you are open and honest about how you feel about trying different things and that there is nothing wrong with setting limits, we all have them and they could be something you may want to try in the future, you haven’t totally written them off! Experimenting is key learn how each other’s body works and what turns them on and stimulates them more.