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    How To Choose An Anal Sex Toy Guide

    When it comes to using anal toys and anal vibrators for the first time it can seem a little bit daunting. After all you’re planning on sticking something up your anus. There are a few things you will want to consider before you take the next step, both mentally and physically.

    You will find that quite often the only reason behind someone having an awful first-time experience is because they have rushed straight into it. Anal play needs to be taken slowly, inch-by-inch. 


    Make sure your brain is onboard!

    When thinking about using an anal sex toy, some people get a bit scared, which is rather understandable, there are a lot of tell tales, misinformation, and taboos, which can confuse people, cause a bit of fear or even put them off anal play. It is important to educate yourself to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. By educating properly beforehand you will have a better understanding of what to expect, which will help with how much fun you can encounter. Remember it isn’t a race, so take some time into researching it properly and putting to bed some of the nerves and anxieties you might have!


    Try it alone first

    It’s well known that masturbation is a key way to understanding your body and preferences, allowing you to feel more empowered and informed. So why should it be any different when it comes to anal play. Solo anal play is a great way to start off, this way you are at you most comfortable. It allows you a safe space to experiment at your own pace, meaning you can try out different ways to see what is more stimulating for you without having to explain it to a partner. You can also stop and start as many times as you please. By practicing solo you are able to be both the giver and receiver, giving you an insight on how to before performing on a partner.

    Experiencing a new anal toy for the first time could result in some surprising sensations.


    Hygiene is key!

    You will find that considering you are placing a toy in your anus, some people prefer to clean before as well as after anal play. However, if you want to clean before but are in a bit of a rush then you could just simply use a baby wipe or alcohol-free wipe to do the job quickly. Another option is, we highly recommend is to use an anal douche before anal sex toy ensure the passage is perfectly clean.  

    When cleaning up after anal play, if you are rushing, then gently use a baby wipe. However, an Epsom salt bath is known to be more purifying, pampering and practical for sore muscles. Not forgetting that your anus has specific bacteria that shouldn’t be shared. So, to avoid the spread of bacteria make sure you thoroughly wash your sex toys with warm soapy water.


    Double Dipping is a NO, NO!

    Basically, this is saying that you should never touch your vagina and anus with the same sex toy or hand, without making sure you have cleaned them first. You don’t want to spread bacteria from your anus to your vagina, as they are two very distinct ecosystems and should be kept that way.


    How to choose the type of toy for you?

    Deciding on the best anal sex toy for you can take time, as you need to consider the use and sensation you want to get from it. It is a good idea to know some of the basics of the different anal sex toys, to give you a better understanding of how they work.


    Butt plugs

    Butt plugs are often considered as a solo use toy, for preparing yourself for anal sex. They are an amazing sex toy when on their own. A great benefit when using a butt plug is that they allow you to focus on other pleasure centers, by simply having them inserted. It’s ideal if the butt plug is positioned comfortably, so there is no need to push in or pull out until plug play is over.

    Butt plugs apply pressure to erogenous zones, which creates a feeling of fullness. Pressure can be greatly underestimated when it comes to sex, and sometimes overshadowed by the ‘in and out motion’. Pressure is great for enabling a lot of people to experience great pleasure and often even climax.

    A good tip for starting off, is to try one which is about the same size as a finger, which is easy to insert. Following the teardrop or bulb shape, a neck and a flared base or comfort are also idea features to look out for, allowing comfort between the butt cheeks.


    Anal Beads

    Different from a butt plug, anal beads have been designed to stimulate the inside of your body by moving them in and out of your anus. When starting out, gently insert the beads one by one into the anus, this will create a sensual feeling. Depending on your desired effect, pull the beads out at varying speeds. By removing the beads, you will arouse the sensitive nerve endings. The stimulation created leaves a pleasurable sensation, like you have had a muscle massaged.

    For beginners wanting to give anal beads ago, it is recommended to start with a smaller set of beads, preferable the ones where the beads increase in size. This enables your body to adjust slowly from a smaller bead, whilst working its way up to the large size bead. Take as long as you need for your body to become comfortable, it could be days, weeks or even months.


    Play Safe

    You will find a flared base or ring loop on all butt plugs and anal beads, to allow you hours of hands-free fun. This is simply to prevent your anal sex toy from slipping up too far into the anal canal, and the possibility of it travelling to the colon. This flared base will help stop you from getting too carried away and accidently inserting the butt plug entirely, it also helps with the retrieval of your sex toy from your anus, allowing you to do so easily.

    When your new to anal sex toys, it is recommended you only insert them for short periods of time, giving your body time to adjust properly, instead of rushing into it. Make sure you take the time to break in a new anal sex toy as well, don’t just take it out for a spin, for a long period of time!


    Lube it up!

    It’s mentioned time and time again, but it has got to be one of the most important things to remember when it comes to using sex toys, and anal sex toy use is no exception! Always remember to use plenty of lubricants! There is no such thing as using too much when it comes to using lubes and most will say the more the better. Using lube helps to make insertion and removal more pleasurable and easier. Since a butt plug can stay inserted for a period of time, it’s an idea to make sure you have applied enough.


    Think About Materials

    This is often a topic that people don’t really consider, but it is imperative to consider the material of your product when it comes to selecting your anal toys. It’s a good idea to avoid low-grade materials, such as petroleum jelly, as this could cause irritation to the anal canal lining. Always stick to buying ‘body-safe’, latex-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic products, to ensure no irritation during your anal play, the last thing you want is for you pleasure to be ruined when it can be easily avoided.

    You will also find that the different materials provide you with different types of sensations.

    • Stainless steel - These toys are great for exploring in temperature play, hot and cold. The toys also feel smooth on the skin and don’t drag the skin. They are obviously heavier toy and not flexible at all.
    • Glass or crystal – These toys are very beautiful and normally lighter in weight than the metal toys. When buying these types of butt plugs it is important to make sure they are made by a responsible brand and have been reinforced enough to stay intact on not break, often at their weakest spot (the neck of the toy).
    • Silicone – This is a very popular material used for making sex toys and is completely body-safe. Silicone toys are flexible, making it ideal for beginners wanting to explore anal play. They can also be sanitized very easily.


    Wow Vibrations

    Who doesn’t enjoy the added stimulation that can be had from vibrations, so why not enjoy them in anal play as well? The great thing about vibration is they aren’t only great for a pleasurable sensation, but they also help to relax muscles, a bonus when starting out.


    Enjoying Anal Sex Toys

    There are many ways anal sex toys can be enjoyed, there is a lot of misconception that butt plugs are just too warm you up for anal sex. Yes, they do, do exactly that but they can also be a great addition to the main event.

    Introduce them into different parts of your routine, for instance,

    • Solo pleasure
    • A part of masturbation
    • To make you feel naughty
    • Even out in public on a date
    • During intercourse (both can wear one at the same time).

    The best thing about sex toys is that everyone can enjoy them regardless of gender or sexual orientation.