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    How To Use A Penis Pump Guide

    It’s very common for a lot of men to feel conscious or concerned about the length of their penis, so don’t feel like you’re the only one. Many of these men try to find ways to extend their manhood, whether it’s for satisfying a partner or their own personal gratification.

    So, if it’s for long- or short-term penis enlargement, a penis pump could be just what you have been searching for.


    Choosing Your Penis Pump

    Penis pumps are available in a range of different variations, air and water pumps, alongside hand and battery powered. When choosing the one for you, it is down to personal preference and how you wish to use it. One of the safest and most effective ways for men to achieve the strong, hard erection they are longing for, is to use a penis pump.

    It is always a good idea to check the product’s additional information for sizes, to ensure you have purchased the perfect size for you.

    Really a no brainer way to purchase a penis pump, is to buy from a reputable company, like ourselves at Sexy Emporium, to ensure you get the best quality products. If you’re planning on using a penis pump for medical benefits, it is wise to consult with a GP first, to make sure it is the right course of action for you.


    Penis pumps with a transparent tube – these allow you to observe how your penis is responding to the pumping action.

    Places you want to use a penis pump - This could be lying in bed, whilst in the bath or even the shower. It is a good idea to consider where you will be wanting to use your penis pump before purchasing.

    Pressure gauges – some penis pumps come with a pressure gauge, so you can keep an eye on how much pressure you are applying. This allows you to make sure you’re not over doing it, so you can enjoy maximum pleasure without any pain or harm to your manhood.


    How to Use Your Penis Pump

    Before anything, you want to begin with making sure you have plenty of lubricant applied to the rim of your penis pump, this allows for maximum suction and a smoother release. Make sure you leave your balls well out of this, unless specifically stated that it is designed to include scrotum!

    1. Start off by placing the cylinder over the penis. Making sure you are comfortable.
    2. Attached to the cylinder will be either a hand pump or electric pump. Use this to create a vacuum inside the cylinder, to draw blood into the penis. This may leave you feeling an unusual sensation but don’t worry it shouldn’t hurt!
    3. If you feel uncomfortable you can adjust the pressure with the small button.
    4. Time your pumping sets. It is recommended that beginners only wear the pump for 15 minutes.
    5. Begin to reduce the pressure every 5 - 10 minutes, allowing fresh blood to flow to your penis.
    6. Once you have finished, simply release the pressure and slowly remove the device from your penis.

    Immediately after use, you should notice short term results. However, if it was long term commitment you were wanting, then you will need to continue using the penis pump on a regular basis. Over time you will start to notice more of an increase in girth size, length or even both.

    It is recommended that no matter your experience to only use your pump for 30 minutes at a time to avoid injury or complications.


    Getting the Best Results

    Keeping track of your progress will help you notice the results firsthand. The main goal is success and to get this it is advised you follow the use and aftercare guidelines. Here below are a few techniques you may like to try to help you get the most out of your penis pump.

    1. Milking – To do this simply move you hand up and down with the cylinder, a bit like the motion you make during masturbation, whilst pumping with your other hand. By doing this you’re helping to maintain a proper blood circulation and stimulation to the penis, while it is in the cylinder. Take into account that milking shouldn’t be done with a forceful motion, take it slow, with smooth motions. To get the most out of milking, you should really start it 5 – 7 minutes into your session, ensuring that you have acclimated the pressure of the pump first. Ideally you should only preform milking in short sets.
    2. Pulsing – This is when you use alternate pressures. By doing this you are helping to stimulate the internal tissues to expand. It also promotes enhanced blood flow and stimulates the penis inside the chamber. To get the best results out of this process simply, decrease the pressure level, gradually, over a 30 second period until it reaches zero, then quickly pump back up to the maximum pressure which you are comfortable with. Continue to repeat throughout the session.
    3. Shakes – This technique is used to stimulate the nerve endings in your penis, whilst encouraging a good blood flow, helping you maintain the required erection. To perform this technique simply shake the pumps cylinder in an up and down motion. This can be done either using a hand or a rocking of the hips. Don’t be too forceful when performing this action but also not to gently, just enough force to allow an increase in your erection level. Also, if you vary the intensity along with the motion, you will produce a good stretch at the base of the penis.
    4. Wrapping – This is a simple technique to do. It is when the cylinder is wrapped with a heating device, warm pad or flannel. This will produce heat around the penis, stimulating the blood flow. Heat is also a vital element when it comes to a penis enlargement routine. Be careful not to leave the wrap on for too long, as it could cause blisters, which can lead to serve penile injury or damage. Leaving the wrap on for long periods of time can also cause the tube to become very hot quickly.


    Two Tips to Avoid Penile Injury

    1. Avoid over pumping - When using a penis pump you can easily get carried away at times and over pump, it’s recommended you try to avoid this, although some don’t tend to. Over pumping can cause penile injuries and not being wary about how much you pump, could be the reason why there are so many injuries occurring, related to using a penis pump. One of the reasons this could occur is because the pressure produced is sensual, comfortable or even a bit erotic. For the majority, this reason could be enough to get lost in the experience and lose track of time. So be very cautious about the pressure, as well as the time the exercise has been performed.
    2. Take Frequent Breaks – This is helpful in stimulating the blood flow. Taking a break means you simply release the pressure build up in the penile tissue. Generally, it is advised to take a 3 -5 minute break every 15 minutes, if pumping at high levels. However low-level pumping can be longer apart. It is advised that beginners limit their penis pumping sessions, not exceeding 2 per day.



    There are a range of different reasons why a penis pump can be beneficial for men. Not only do they deliver results when it comes to appearance, they can also be helpful with treating erectile dysfunction. You are able to get short term enlargement results or if you use regularly, you can experience the long-term results.

    Using a penis pump is a safer for those suffering erectile dysfunction, as complications are minimal compared to surgical procedures. You will be reaping the benefits of enhancement to both the length and girth. When you have been using regularly you will notice you can offer increased sexual pleasure to your partner. Remember this product is an investment not a quick fix!