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    Men's Sex Toy Guide

    For some men sex toys are a completely new territory and the variety available can be quite overwhelming. Every design promises a different experience. Introducing sex toys into your sexual encounters will help you discover how much fun can be had!

    We have come up with a guide for the more popular male sex toys to explain what makes them so popular.



    Cock rings are placed on the base of your penis to restrict the blood flow out of your shaft, this helps you produce a harder and longer lasting erection. Cock rings come in a range of styles, so you may find it a bit daunting when it comes to choosing the right one.

    Question to ask yourself is, what do you want from a cock ring?

    • Stronger erection – in this case a plain cock ring design will do just the job. You can choose from a rubber material, which will allow more flexibility, or a metal one, which will be heavier but more stylish.
    • Increased stimulation – perfect for solo play or even couples in some cases. Try a more textured design or maybe even stroker beads. Some cock rings are also designed to stimulate the clit, these often have a bar on top of the ring, also known as a bumper, which is powered by a miniature bullet or classic rabbit.
    • Just feeling adventurous – why not pair your cock ring up with a butt plug or give a strap on dildo ago for double penetration.

    Whatever style you decide on make sure you remember to use lube before the experimenting starts.



    Penis pumps promise more length to play with, as well as a longer lasting, stronger erection. Just remember it doesn’t happen overnight, you won’t use it once and your penis will have grown 6 inches, they aren’t that magical! But you will notice a difference, as long as you’re persistent and follow the guide on how to use them correctly.

    There are a few different styles available, and some come with either a trigger or bulb pump. Regardless of which one you choose they all work pretty much the same.



    Male masturbators are the ideal toy for ramping up your solo play. Often a cylinder style toy with a tight, inner tunnel, which wraps around the penis. Normally the tunnels are textured, either with ribs or beads, for an incredible stimulation.

    Some male masturbators have openings to replicate lips, bum, or pussy, to give a more realistic experience. They are made to feel and look just like the real thing, right down to the colour you choose. Often the realistic vagina masturbators tend to be more of a flesh colour.



    Fleshlights are known for being the world’s number one sex toy for men. This masturbator gets its name from its discreet, torchlight style packaging. Fleshlights are designed to replicate the real thing, so you’re extremely spoilt for choice with fleshlights of pussies, bums, and mouths. Made from a super skin material these toys are intensely realistic.



    Usually making appearances at stag dos, hen parties and festivals as a bit of a laugh, some sex dolls do actually make a great addition to your masturbation collection. often starting from £10 to over £3000, you will come across the cheaper blow-up dolls, mostly used as novelty gifts, or on the other side of the scale you can enjoy a specifically designed lifelike sex doll.

    The realistic dolls can include a torso with breasts or go from the waist down to the toes – perfect for those with a foot fetish. The pricier sex dolls aren’t often inflatable and can sometimes feature vibrating options, or heating options for extra arousal. Most of these types of sex dolls have two holes for pleasuring.



    Prostate toys are designed specifically to pleasure your p-spot, leaving you with an earth-shaking experience. Located in the anus, this walnut sized gland is packed with nerve endings, just waiting to be aroused. If you’re a beginner when it comes to stimulating this erogenous zone, then it’s recommended to start with a slimmer, tapered design to allow your body to adjust gradually. Once you have become comfortable, then you can explore more of the range and find what turns you on the most.

    Always remember to use lubricants when experimenting with any type of sex toy!