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    Prostate Massage Guide

    The prostate is known as the male equivalent of the G-spot. It is a super sensitive, 2-to-3-inch walnut-size gland found inside the anus. There are health benefits to be had from understanding the ‘p-spot’, when using a prostate massager, as well as stimulating the sensitive area. 

    We have put together this prostate massager guide to help get you started...



    Finding and stimulating the prostate will send moan-inducing satisfaction throughout your body. Doing this regularly to the p-spot will also promise stronger erections, increased stamina and also intensifies orgasms. Many men have in fact reported that with practice, they have produced orgasms and multiple climaxes without ejaculation from the stimulation alone. So, explosive pleasure no longer has to be limited to only women.



    By massaging important glands, you are encouraging fresh blood to flow, which helps to keep your sexual health in tip-top condition. A regular flushing of this sensitive gland stops any harmful bacteria from building up. The prostate is where semen is stored and if not properly released, it can become stagnant.

    By paying this hidden spot some attention, you will be able to pick up on any abnormalities, which could help with early detection of prostate cancer. It has been argued that if you massage your prostate regularly, you could reduce the risk of developing illnesses like prostatitis and help to relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.



    It isn’t too difficult to find your p-spot but pleasuring it correctly can take a bit of practice. You will find some men prefer using fingers whilst others prefer using toys, its all about taking the time to experiment and find out what you personally prefer. Not forgetting that, when taking part in any type of anal play, you need to use plenty of lube, applying it to both yourself and the toy, for an easier and pain free insertion.

    When trying to reach the prostate, make sure you’re in a relaxed position – ideally bent over on all fours or laying on your back with your legs in the air, whichever is more comfortable for you. Don’t rush into it, take it slow and allow your body to adjust to the new sensation.

    The two main motions for prostate stimulation

    1. Circular rubbing – Recommended for first timers. It involves making circles around the outside of the gland with a finger or toy. When you feel more comfortable you can start to increase the pressure, so you receive more climax-inducing sensations.
    2. Up and down motion - This motion will provide you with a more rapid and intense pleasure. Recommended for those with a little more experience in prostate massaging.

    If you are in anyway concerned about cleanliness, then a shower beforehand could help to relax you and make you more comfortable. However, if you don’t feel that is quite enough to put your mind at rest you could also try an anal douche, for a more intimate cleanse.



    Like with any type of sex toy play, it’s always advised to start off slow and work your way up, it isn’t any different when it comes to massaging your prostate. Any toy will hit your prostate, but it’s always recommend starting with a toy specifically designed for the prostate.

    The range of prostate toys can seem rather daunting when you first come to start experimenting with this area. There is such a wide range available from, tapered, straight, bulbous and vibrating, all producing their own unique sensations.

    Why not start off with a simple tapered design, with a curve, making it easier for both insertion and finding your p-spot. It is generally more difficult to hit the prostate with a smaller surface but the moment you do you will notice a more intense and focused sensation. Once you have experimented for a while and built-up confidence with this sort of play, you can then move onto bigger or thicker massagers to take your experiences further.



    It can be a rather delicate subject bringing up the idea of prostate massaging to your partner, but it does deserve some attention now and then. There are a few ways in which it could be brought up.

    • You could bring it up during sex. Ask her to gentle rub her finger around your anus. By her seeing how much pleasure this is giving you, it might make her inclined to go a bit further with it, just watch out for long nails. However, if she appears hesitant about using her finger, she may feel more comfortable using a toy.
    • If you’re the sort of couple that enjoy watching porn together, you could find one that involves prostate stimulation, so you can gauge her reaction without having to ask her.
    • You could show her an article that explains the benefits that could be had, what a p-spot is, the benefits of stimulation and how it is packed with nerve endings. This could help her to understand how alike to the female G-spot it actually is.

    The first couple of times you may want to try out yourself, so you can explore the pleasurable sensation alone and find what works best for you. This way also allows your body to adjust at its own pace, without having to feel obligated to go too far, too soon. You will also be able to direct your partner better with what feels good for you. It is important to be open about what turns you on, then you can work your way up from there. You might find she will be more willing with your openness, and she may even let you know some of her sexual desires.

    If your sexual partner is female, you might even want to suggest pegging, a bit further on down the line. This could help take your sexual experiences to the next level, allowing your partner to wear a strap on harness with small, curved dildo to hit your prostate.

    Don’t forget the lube!!