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Sex Toy Storage Guide

Do you want your Sex Toys to last a long time and remain in brilliant condition for all those nights to come?

Be aware that by not storing your toys properly, you may cause them serious damage.

By following these few simple tips on how to store sex toys correctly, you will be getting the absolute most out of your sex toys for the long run.


  • Check for damage
  • Make sure your toys are clean and DRY, do not store wet toys


  • Make absolute sure your toys aren't touching each other
  • Find a COOL DRY place, not in the sun, near a radiator or anywhere that might be warm or bright
  • Wrap them individually in materials such as                             
Plastic Cloth
Anything thin Cardboard
Net Envelopes
Mesh Velvet
Any fabric that doesn't have any holes / nets


While this may not seem important, you’d be surprised how much damage it can cause to incorrectly store your sex toys.

We should never fling rubber, silicone, jelly and softer touch materials, into a drawer together.

By doing this you will damage, deform, or even discolour them- these materials often create a chemical reaction against one another causing melting and other deformities.

Metal and glass sex toys are usually safe, but it is always best to be cautious and store everything carefully.

If you’re planning to leave your toys stored for any extended period, make sure batteries are removed to avoid any battery corrosion related incidents.


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