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    Using Anal Sex Toys With Lubricant Guide

    Anal sex can be quite daunting for most people especially if it’s their first time. Your anus is a very sensitive area, and it can take some getting used to when sticking a toy up it. Being in the right mind set, is a big factor when starting out, you really need to have mentally prepared yourself for it. If it is done correctly and hasn’t been rushed into, you will find it rather pleasurable and you may even find yourself wanting to experiment further.

    Lubricants play a massive part when using anal toys. The lube helps prevent unnecessary friction or pain occurring and also helps with a smoother insertion and extraction of the toys.

    There are a few things to consider when using lubricants with anal play. To make it simpler we have come up with a guide with everything we feel you need to know.


    Why use lubricants with anal toys?

    Unlike the vagina, which naturally produces a lubricant, the anus doesn’t, meaning it is dry and needs you to add lubricants to make the experience more pleasurable.

    The body tissue around the anus is very thin compared to other parts of the body, making it more sensitive and fragile. It is always advised that plenty of lube is used around the anus area during anal play to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort, also to avoid any damage or tearing to happen.

    So, for the most pleasurable experience make sure you add plenty of lube to both your anal sex toys and your anus before and during anal play. You will need to keep topping up your lubricant during play as it will become absorbed and your anus will become dry as time goes on, this will cause friction to start.


    Types of lubricants

    Water-based Lube

    Water-based lubes are extremely popular as they work well in every scenario. Being water-based means that they even work well with latex condoms, so give you peace of mind knowing the condom wont tear or break due to the lube.  It can also be used on all sex toys, including silicone ones.

    Water-based lube is very easy to clean up unlike some other and doesn’t tend to stain clothing or bedsheets, if it does happen to land on them you can just wipe it off with a wet wipe of rinse with water.

    The only downside to water-based lube is that is can be absorbed by the skin rather quickly, so reapplying more frequently is a must! You don’t want to be left with any unwanted anal injuries.


    Silicone-based lubricants

    Silicone-based lubes are fantastic for long-lasting play. They don’t really absorb into the body and even better if you are wanting to experiment in the shower or push your boundaries and try water sports this lube won’t wash off. 

    Silicone-based lube also tends to be hypoallergenic, so it is rare for people to have a reaction or become irritated from using them. Saying this you still need to be mindful and still need to check the ingredients, just to be on the safe side!

    Unfortunately, you can’t use silicone-based lube with silicone toys, as it will cause a reaction and damage your toy. It’s worth while knowing what material your toy is made from, before deciding on the lubricant you go for.

    Silicone-based lube isn’t the easiest to clean up and if your worried about your sheets getting stained, it might not be the lube for you, as it does tend to stain easily. One of the downsides to being waterproof is you can’t just wipe the messy off easily with a bit of water.


    Oil-based lubricants

    Oil-based lube is long-lasting, a bit like silicone-based, it will stay slippery and slick for a long time during anal play.

    Oil-based lubes are great for foreplay, especially the massage stage, making them more sensual and erotic.

    The main downside to oil-based is that it can’t be used alongside condoms, for the simple fact the oil reacts with the latex, making it weaker and more likely the tear or break. So, unless you and your partner are open and honest and you trust them enough to not use a condom, it would be advised to only use oil-based within the foreplay.

    Similar to silicone-based, oil-based isn’t the easiest to clean up, it will get very messy, and you will need to use plenty of soap to help clean off the slipperiness.

    Water and silicone-based hybrids

    Giving you the best of both worlds. They last longer than the standard water-based lubricants, whilst they aren’t as thick as the silicone-based lubes.

    Some lubricants come in a range of flavours and sensations, so you can mix things up a bit in the bedroom rather than using standard ones.


    Keeping it plain

    Remembering that the anus is a very sensitive area, you really want to avoid using anything with too many chemicals. Therefore, you need to think about what you are planning on using as a lubricant. It is advised to used products that are specifically made for anal play use and used internally, the last thing you want to be doing is using any old liquid you may have laying around at home and having a serious reaction.

    For instance, some people may be in the heat of the moment see a bottle of lotion and think that will do, well let’s just say I’m pretty sure they won’t be trying that one again in a hurry. Body lotions have a variety of chemicals and fragrances which can cause irritation or even burning, and they definitely aren’t for internal use. If you have tried it before you will know that it feels like you have just put your hand on the stove, not a nice experience at all!


    Things to keep in mind

    • Check the ingredients so you know what type of lube you’re using.
    • Make sure your lubricant is compatible with your sex toy material.
    • Make sure you have stocked up on lube, so you have plenty to hand, last thing you want is to run out.
    • Make sure if you’re not using a recommended lubricant, it can be used for internal use, you don’t want a horrible reaction leaving you hospitalised with a dildo in your bottom!
    • Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your anal toys after anal play.
    • If you accidently spill some lube on the floor, make sure you clean it up immediately, last thing you want to do is forget about it and go flying on a slippery floor.


    Cleaning your sex toys after using lube

    Like after using any sex toy, you need to make sure you have cleaned them correctly, anal sex toys are no different, if anything they need a more thorough clean, after all they have been up your bottom. Soapy warm water will often do the trick and then pat dry with a clean cloth or air dry before storing away correctly.

    However, if you have used some type of lubricants with your anal toy before, you will find that the hardest to clean off will be silicone-based lube. Simply because it is waterproof! So, when cleaning a toy with silicone-based lube, make sure you use a wet cloth, soap, water and elbow grease, it might take a little bit longer to clean but will have been worth it, last thing you want is a toy you can’t use again!

    Water-based lubricants are easier to clean, as their main ingredient is water, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble when cleaning, just a simple wash in soapy water will do the trick.

    By making sure you have cleaned them correctly, you will reduce the risk of infections being spread. Also make sure you never double dip, this can cause infections that I’m sure you would much rather avoid, so if you’re planning on using the same toy in both holes make sure you have washed it thoroughly after taking it from one hole to the other.

    Don’t forget to store them away correctly, making sure that toys aren’t touching each other, this is to prevent toys becoming damaged. Damage can occur when toys touch each other as some materials don’t react well to others, so its an idea to place toys in separate bags if they are kept in the same space. Make sure they are completely dry before putting away and any batteries are removed to avoid erosion.


    What is the best lube to use?

    Basically, it is down to personal preference, no two people alike are the same and what one person may prefer the other might not. It is all about experimenting and seeing which lubes work best for you and what you are wanting to achieve from it. Just remember that certain materials cant be used with certain lubes, as explained above.


    Some of our best-selling anal lubes are:

    Kinx Anal Slix Water-Based Lubricant 50ml

    Kinx Anal Slix Water-Based Lubricant 50ml
    This is a water-based anal lube available in 50ml or 100ml.
    It is specifically formulated for anal play and boasts silky properties similar to silicone-based lubricants. It is a longer lasting water-based lube, that delivers plenty of hydration and comfort when it counts. This particular lubricant can also be doubled up as a massage gel during foreplay if required as it feels amazing on the skin.
    PRICE: £5.99



    ID Millennium Lubricant Silicone-Based Lube 30ml 1 floz

    ID Millennium Silicone-Based Lubricant 30ml
    The ID Millennium is available in 30ml, 65ml, 130ml and 250ml.
    It has a light and smooth feeling, maintaining its slipperiness for the duration of your play. This silicone-based lubricant is latex compatible and versatile with its uses, why not apply during the massage part of foreplay and allow your partner that pre treat or heighten the pleasure during masturbation. The formula used for this silicone-based lube will intensify your sexual experiences. Bare in mind silicone-based lubricants can not be used on silicone toys!
    PRICE: £8.99



    Spunk Hybrid Lubricant 236ml

    Spunk Hybrid Lubricant 236ml
    This hybrid lubricant is award winning, glycerine free and white & creamy. The SPUNK lube is perfectly safe to use on all sex toy materials including silicone and is non-staining, so no need to worry about it getting on the bed sheets.

    The spunk lube has also been formulated to be safe for people with sensitive skin, and to mimic the natural lubricant produces by the human body. An added advantage is it feels great on the skin.

    Spunk Lubricant is available in 60ml, 114ml and 236ml.

    You can find many different lubricants that we have available including a wide range of flavoured lubes. The hardest decision you need to make now is which ones you want to try out!
    PRICE: £14.99



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