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    Vibrators Guide

    Let’s start with the basics! Vibrators are a type of sex toy used to create sexual stimulation and pleasure!

    These are generally insertable dildos that vibrate, but not always, for example the magic wand massager cannot be inserted, yet is easily one of the most powerful vibrators on the market. Simply, it may be easier to think of a vibrator as an object that just vibrates and can be used for sexual pleasure. 



    Why Should I Buy A Vibrator Video

    You should by a vibrator to make your sexual playtimes awesome! You can rely on your vibrator to always be ready to get you off. As long as you keep it charged or have additional batteries, your vibrator will be there for you, whenever you need it.

    A vibrator can be useful if you’re struggling to reach orgasm or want something that will get you there quicker. The intense vibrations are highly sort after as they take your play time to the next level.



    Choosing the right vibrator for you can be quite a challenge when there’s so many different sizes, styles and shapes available. You will need to ask yourself what you would like to get out of a vibrator to pick the best one. Does it need to be quiet? Do you want it to be extra powerful? Does it need to be waterproof? Maybe you want a specific size, or you don’t want it to look like a penis. There’s a lot of questions you need to answer to pick the perfect one for you, and maybe one will never be enough?

    Take a good look through our guide to narrow your search down and consider these top 5 points below to help you pick the perfect partner.

    • Size – Does it need to be big, or would you prefer a more generic size?
    • Style – Does it need to be realistic, or something less penis shaped?
    • Material – Would you be okay with jelly PVC, or maybe TPE, or silicone?
    • Features - Is vibrating enough, or do you want it to rotate and thrust up and down?
    • Price – What’s your budget? You want to get the most out of your money, without being completely out of money!



    If you’ve just received your first vibrator, give it a quick wash in warm, soapy water – this is best practice with all new sex toys, wash them before their first use. Once cleaned, charge it up or insert the correct batteries and ensure all the electronics are working as you would expect. Now set the mood and make some time when you’re not going to be disturbed (unless you’re into that of course). When you’re ready to use the vibrator, apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the tip and shaft of the vibrator and some to yourself and slowly begin to insert. Feel free to turn up the vibrations and turn on the modes as you go.

    How to use a vibrator example

    Don’t feel you need to immediately turn it up to maximum power, the lower settings are a great place to start, and you can work your way up to higher speeds and modes. If you have a partner, why not introduce your vibrator to your couple’s session? They’re a great way to turn up the heat between the sheets. Maybe you’ve purchased a remote control or app-controlled vibrator? These are especially good for couple’s play as your partner can control the vibrator using the controller.

    Key Points:

    • Clean all sex toys before their first use
    • Set the mood and make sure you're ready for the experience
    • Apply some water-based lubricant to the vibrator and yourself
    • Gently insert using the smooth and tapered tip and begin to thrust
    • Fantasise about whatever gets your rocks off
    • Carefully increase the speeds and modes as you require
    • When you're finished, make sure your vibrator is cleaned and stored properly



    Using the correct lube with your vibrator is important! If you use the wrong lubricant, it could cause the toy to rot from the inside or cause the outer materials to breakdown. Not Sexy! Using the correct lubricant is down to the materials used to create the vibrator, however vibrators can often be made from a variety of materials.

    To be completely safe, it’s best to ask yourself what type of lubricant are you planning to use?

    If it’s water-based lubricant, you’re safe to use it with all sex toys, so do not worry.

    If it’s a hybrid (water-silicone mix) it will usually be completely safe with any sex toy, but just double check on the bottle or the page where you purchased it, we’ve never found any that are not safe for use, but I would still double check.

    If it says oil-based or silicone-based, do not use it with any sex toys. These types of lubricants cause the issues, particularly with silicone-based sex toys.




    Cleaning your vibrator doesn’t need to be difficult and we’re not going to try and sell you sex toy cleaner here as the others would. First, make sure you remove any batteries for your safety. If the vibrator is waterproof, you can submerge it whole into some warm, soapy water and give it a good wash.

    If the vibrator isn’t waterproof, then you will need to wipe it down using a lint free cloth, or simply submerge the tip and shaft into the water, without sinking in the electronics. Basically, if it’s not waterproof, be careful around the electronics and the controller, and work to clean the main body of the toy.

    Once the toy is cleaned, leave it to air dry.

    For additional information, please refer to our Vibrator Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Here.


    • Clean your vibrator before its first use
    • Clean your vibrator after each use 
    • You only need to use warm, soapy water with our vibrators for best results
    • Once cleaned, leave to air dry
    • Store your vibrator in a cool, dark and dry place, such as a draw
    • Make sure your vibrator is not left touching other sex toys as the materials can react
    • For best practice, store your vibrator in a bag or box
    • Cleaning and maintaining your vibrator will ensure it lasts the test of time
    • Please do not use a dishwasher or any other households cleaning products



    So, you’ve got a new favourite vibrator and you want to know how to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Maintaining your vibrator requires you to make sure it is cleaned after each use; it doesn’t have to be straight away, but it needs to be done.

    Once it’s clean and dry, you just need to make sure it’s stored properly. To do this, make sure you store your vibrator in a cool, dark and dry place.

    Make sure the vibrator isn’t left touching any other sex toys, as this can cause the materials to react with each other.

    For best results, store your vibrator in a special storage bag, this will also help to keep it hidden from prying eyes.



    Picking the best vibrator is all down to personal preference. The best vibrator for you is the one that is the right size, has the right number of speeds and/or modes, has the right functional features, is made from the right material in the right colour and is sold to you at the right price! So, just a few things!

    How to pick the best vibrator example

    We hope this guide will help to point you in the right direction, but at the end of the day, the best one for you will be a unique decision.

    If you’ve made the purchase and want to change your mind, then contact us here.

    It may be a case where you want to try a few different types of vibrators first.

    It’s not going to be easy, but with some patience and experience, you will soon know which are the best vibrators for you!

    Key Points:

    • This is all down to personal choice
    • Consider which size you would like, what material and what colour
    • Does it need any special features? 
    • Wired, wireless, battery operated or rechargeable, does it need to be a certain shape or thrust? Consider everything to pick the perfect vibrator for you



    Bullet Vibrators – Small but powerful, bullet vibrators are relied on by women all around the world. A great choice if you're purchasing your first vibrator, these compact toys are easy to use, clean and store away.

    Bullet Vibrators ExampleKey Points:

    • Small but yet powerful, easily enough to satisfy most women
    • Can be used during penetration without obstructing either partner
    • Provides intense clitoral stimulation
    • Easy to store in a draw or handbag and can be easily transported
    • Waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower

    Start with: Powerful 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator Black

    Best for: Women who want to enjoy intense clitoral stimulation and new sex toy users.


    Rabbit Vibrators – Featuring clitoral stimulators and multi-motor shafts that thrust and rotate, discover new realms of pleasure with an intense rabbit vibrator. Efficient, powerful motors are used to keep these bunnies buzzing for hours, topped off with adjustable speeds and modes, find the optimal buzz and thrust from the rabbit you desire.

    Rabbit Vibrator ExampleKey Points:

    • These vibes provide internal and external stimulation
    • Made using high end materials that leave them feeling soft and smooth to touch
    • A great tried and tested vibrator that is guaranteed to satisfy
    • Easy to use, clean and use again with just warm, soapy water
    • Rabbit vibrators come in many different sizes, materials and colours

    Start with: 10 Mode Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

    Best for: Regular sex toys users who can handle all the stimulation.


    Classic Vibrators – Tried and tested, classic vibrators have been around for awhile and stood the test of time. You can rely on a classic vibrator for some easy yet satisfying penetration and stimulation. 

    Classic Vibrator ExampleKey Points:

    • Tried, tested and reliable
    • Strong vibrations that will please and tease
    • Available in various materials, some rtigid and some soft yet flexible
    • You will find we stock classic vibrators in a range of sizes to fulfil all desires
    • Easy to operate and comfortable to use

    Start with: Lal Hardy Rocks Off Erotic Ink 10 Speed Large Vibrator

    Best for: First time sex toy users right up to advanced users depending on the style picked.


    Big Vibrators – These larger than life vibrators are guaranteed to fill and thrill. They offer thicker and longer proportions for men and women who are craving a little extra. 

    Big Vibrators ExampleKey Points:

    • Extra girth and length for the difficult to please
    • Carefully designed based of smaller versions which makes them reliable to use
    • We stock big vibrators in a choice of materials 
    • Apply plenty of water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure
    • You only need warm, soapy water to clean our big vibrators

    Start with: Thick 8 Inch Powerful Multi-Speed Vibrator

    Best for: Advanced sex toy users who have worked their way up from a smaller size!


    Love Egg Vibrators – These insertable egg vibrators are great for solo and couples play. You can insert the vibrator and control the speed via the wired or wireless remote control. Spice things up and let your partner take control of the controller and see where that leads to!

    Love Egg Vibrators ExampleKey Points:

    • You insert the egg and turn the vibrator on with these
    • Can be used solo or with a partner, if you're using them with a partner, let them control the vibrations
    • You can get these in wireless or wired form, wired tend to be slightly more powerful
    • Various styles, sizes and colours are available to suit all needs

    Start with: All Bombed Out Vibrating Egg

    Best for: Couples who want to allow their partner to take over the controls.


    G-Spot Vibrators – Carefully curved to stimulate the most sensitive area of the vagina. You will find they're often shaped a little different with a slightly thicker head and a curved shaft to ensure maximum stimulation is applied to your G-spot. 

     G-spot Vibrator Example

    Start with: Rocks Off Groovy Chick

    Best for: Women who want to experience g-spot stimulation.


    Air Pulse Vibrators – These vibrators are designed specifically to stimulate your clitoris by blowing or sucking on it. They have been carefully designed to stimulate your clirotis in this way and are some of the newest sex toys on the market. 

     Air Pulse Vibrator Example

    Start with: Satisfyer 1 Air Pulse Stimulator Vibrator

    Best for: Women who want to experience intense clitoral stimulation.


    Wand Vibrators – It's safe to say these are some of the most powerful vibrators you can own. Originally designed to relive back and muscle pains, these vibrators don't usually get inserted and instead rest on your clitoris and vagina providing intense stimulation. For maximum power, purchase a plug in mains version as they will not lose their power as the battery begins to wear out. 

    Magic Wand ExampleKey Points:

    • Generally these are for external stimulation only
    • These are extra powerful, especially if you select the plug in mains version 
    • You can purchase separate attachments to go over the head so that you can insert some of it
    • Available in various colours
    • Can be used to relive back or muscle pains

    Start with: Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator

    Best for: Women who want intense vibrations, these are easily the most powerful vibrators, or anyone who is experiencing back or muscle pains.


    Vibrating Dildos – These vibrators are designed to look and feel like a real penis. They're usually a dildo that has been modified to vibrate. These are great if you want your vibrator to be a bit more lifelike. 

    Vibrating Dildos ExampleKey Points:

    • Designed to look and feel like a real penis
    • These are not always as powerful as standard vibrators as the lifelike material can absorb some vibration
    • We stock vibrating dildos in a range of sizes
    • Available in various colours for all fantasies
    • Easy to use, clean and use again

    Start with: 7.5 Inch Lifelike Vibrator

    Best for: People who want their vibrator to be lifelike and look like a real penis.


    Butterfly Vibrators – As the name suggest, these vibrators are shaped like a butterfly and can be worn by the user like a pair of knickers. They provide direct stimulation to your clitoris and vagina and can be inserted depending on the design. 

     Butterfly Vibrator Example

    Start with: We Currently Do Not Stock Butterfly Vibrators

    Best for: Women who want the thrill of wearing a vibrator for a long period of time.


    Finger Vibrators – Great fun for couples and solo play, these small yet mighty vibrators will have you playing for hours! They usually work by inserting a bullet vibrator into a sleeve that can be worn and used to stimulate your sensitive areas. 

     Finger Vibrator Example

    Start with: We Currently Do Not Stock Finger Vibrators

    Best for: Couples where the partner can wear the vibrator for foreplay and stimulate their partner before penetration.


    Luxury Vibrators – High end and high class, these vibrators are made and finished with top quality materials and designs. They often feature extra speeds, modes and features. 

     Luxury Vibrator Example

    Start with: Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator

    Best for: Advanced users who know exactly what they want, and will pay more for the premium materials and designs.


    Remote Control & App-Controlled Vibrators – Great for couples play where one partner can be in control and the other inserts the vibrator. Take your playtime outside or wherever you desire and try handing the controller over to your partner and see where it takes you. 

    Remote Control & App-Controlled Vibrators ExampleStart with: Silky Touch Remote Control Love Egg

    Best for: Great for couples where one partner can insert the vibrator and the other can control it. Try this out at a restaurant if you're brave enough.


    Vibrating Strap-On Dildos – These work just like regular strap-on dildos except they have been designed with a vibrator inside. You can penetrate your partner or have them penetrate you, then turn on the vibrations and hold on tight. 

     Vibrating Strap-On Dildo Example

    Start with: We Currently Do Not Stock Vibrating Strap-On Dildos

    Best for: Lesbian couples who want more satisfaction from their strap-on dildo.