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Real Feel 18 Inch Double Ender Brown

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Smooth and flexible, The CLASSIX 18 Inch Double Ended Dildo looks amazingly lifelike. This double ended dildo has been realistically styled with veins that bulge out of the long shaft to provide extra pleasure.

Standing proud at 18 inches, this double-ended PVC dildo has more than enough length for 2.

The perfect toy for lesbian couples as you can both play a long at the same time, with the same toy.

Completely flexible, it’s possible and easy to find the perfect position for use.

This double ended dildo is completely body-safe and easy to keep clean, thanks to the phthalate-free PVC material.

The U-turn is very flexible, allowing it to be used easily for double penetration.

Use your dong for solo fun or share with your lucky partner for some exciting strapless strap on adventures.

The Specifics:
Insertable Length: 18 Inches (460mm)
Diameter Thick End: 1.68 Inches (42mm)
Diameter Slim End: 1.4 Inches (36mm)
Circumference Thick End: 5.3 Inches (135mm)
Circumference Slim End: 4.5 Inches (116mm)
Weight: 380g

- Very real feel, lifelike double ended dildo
- The perfect double ended dildo for beginners.
- Realistically styled with veining and a penis style tip
- A flexible yet stiff dildo, willing and ready
- Completely waterproof, feel free to try him out in your bath or shower
- All items are Phthalate-free according to EU regulation REACH
- Easy to use, clean and reuse again, cleaning the toy in warm soapy water is best!