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    Hop on top- What’s a Kegel and why do them

    Hop on top- What’s a Kegel and why do them

    Eddie House |

    Cardi B has brought Kegels into the cultural spotlight with last year's pop hit WAP. The lyrics “I do a kegel while it's inside” caused some confusion between listeners so I’m here to tell you exactly what a kegel is, how to do them, and why they’re important!

    Kegel exercises basically involve repeatedly contracting and then relaxing the muscles that make up your “pelvic floor”. This strengthens them and has a beneficial effect as weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to bladder and bowel incontinence. Kegels were named after Dr Arnold Henry Kegel, a gynecologist who advised patients on these exercises which later helped them to avoid surgery. 

    When doing kegels, tense the muscles in your pelvic floor for a count of three, then relax for three, and repeat as many times as you like. There’s lots of examples of how exactly to do these exercises around the internet but I personally recommend  imagining you’re sitting naked in a bathtub full of eels and you REALLY do not want anything going where it shouldn’t. 

    As the weeks go on, start clenching and tensing for a count of ten instead, repeating ten times. Always empty your bladder before beginning these exercises and when you first start you may prefer to lie down to do them, although soon you’ll be able to do them anywhere and on the go. 

    As well as reducing chances of incontinence in later life, kegels are actually good for improving sex too! Stronger muscles means you’ll be able to hold certain positions for longer periods of time, and using insertable toys such as strapless strap ons will become a lot easier to use and control. You can buy kegel balls which, when inserted into the vagina, will exercise those pelvic floor muscles and usually have a weighted ball inside for a pleasurable sensation. 

    To really spice up the workout routine, I recommend investing in a love egg. These are excellent because not only are you strengthening muscles, the vibrations from them are going to really up the ante on your pleasure zones. And with wireless remote control, the fun doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom. Wear for no more than half an hour per day to see the results of stronger and  longer orgasms in just a week's time.

    Silky Touch Remote Control Love Egg

    Silky Touch Remote Control Love Egg
    • The Silky Touch vibrating egg delivers potent vibrations to your erogenous zones with ease. 
    • This egg has a non-slip finish that’s silky smooth and feels incredible against your skin, but also comes with a removable textured nubby sleeve if you’re in the mood for wilder fun!
    • This vibrating egg is remote controlled and a digital pattern viewing screen gives you a visual representation of your stimulation.
    • The Mode button gives you complete control over your vibration settings - you can choose from 10 modes to suit every mood.
    PRICE: £63.99



    Multi-speed Stimulator Gold

    Multi-speed Stimulator Gold
    • The multi-speed stimulator is a great go to for a solo session and enhancing sex. 
    • The strong buzz will shake and shiver you into orgasmic ecstasy!
    • Explore the multi-speed vibrations by simply rotating the deal on the controller.
    PRICE: £4.99



    If you have concerns about your pelvic floor health, please see a GP (I don’t think hooking up with a medicine student qualifies me to give health advice) but happy exercising!


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