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    Unlock orgasms with KEY’s Ceres Lace Massager - A Review

    Unlock orgasms with KEY’s Ceres Lace Massager - A Review

    Eddie House |

    I’m back with another personal review and this time I’m focusing on the Jopen Key Ceres Lace vibrator. There’s a ton of toys in this Key line, ranging from G-spot finders to mini massagers and even non vibrating things like kegel balls. Aesthetically, they all look similar with a hard plastic handle and soft silicone body, available in three different colours - hot pink, a funky purple, and a turquoise named “robin egg blue”. To look at, these vibrators are fun and bright. The product range is leaning towards a luxury vibe, but definitely luxury for the younger generation with its playful feel. 


    The issue with the appearance is that the seam of the silicone is visible on the toy, and the pattern doesn’t reach all the way to the handle, leaving this looking “unfinished”. If Jopen is going to market these toys as luxury, with a higher end price tag, they need to step up on the appearance of the packaging and toy itself. They’re a cute and fun vibe, but they don’t scream “luxurious” to me in a way other brands do.


    I’ve never used a textured sex toy before (yes, really) so the lace massager really caught my eye. The toy itself is very rigid which pairs well with the texture- this is a toy for precision and firm stimulation. Turning the toy on confirms this- this is STRONG. Strong enough that I’m pretty certain this unassuming massager could easily rival my Ann Summers wand. This is not going to be a toy for complete novices as there’s no way to change the strength of the vibrations. I personally love power and have been looking for a new toy that packs a punch with its vibrations so this was perfect. There’s seven patterns so whether you enjoy pulsing, straight vibration, or being edged, there’s a setting for everyone. I kind of wish there was a speed control setting to be able to work up towards orgasm, but what this toy lacks in modes, it makes up for in intensity.


    The button to change settings is very easy to use and located at the base of the toy instead of on the side which makes it harder to accidentally misclick it (something that has ruined my orgasm on more than one occasion). The handle where the control button is is also helpfully tapered so changing settings is even easier, even when holding the toy at an angle. 


    Upon insertion, the texture is prominent. I always recommend lubrication with toys but this is a toy that demands it- the drag from the bumps and ridges isn’t pleasant until thoroughly lubed up. Use a good water based lube to get the most from this toy. With the (very pleasurable) texture though, a downside is presented. This toy is incredibly difficult to clean how I would usually clean toys by wiping them down, you’re definitely going to need to take the time to get in those crevices to make sure it’s spotless.  


    Kinx Aqua Slix Water-Based Lubricant 100ml

    Kinx Aqua Slix Water-Based Lubricant 100ml
    • Kinx Aqua Slix is formulated for maximum fun! This water based lubricant leaves your skin feeling soft, pampered and perfectly hydrated.
    • It maximises stimulation, powering up your couples pleasure or your solo play. This water based lubricant is safe for use with toys as well as natural rubber latex condoms.
    • It’s free from parabens and enhances natural lubrication for uninterrupted pleasure.


    PRICE: £9.99



    Overall, the power is amazing, the texture is new and different to most ridged toys, and it’s offering something just different enough to other toys on the market at the moment. However, the packaging and aesthetics of the whole range are not quite up to the standard I’d expect from a “luxury” vibrator. To be honest though, that’s me being picky and considering how this toy would sell in standard adult shops because packaging is only a very small thing to consider when choosing a toy. The bang is worth the buck, all the way. 


    JOPEN Ceres Lace MassagerJOPEN Ceres Lace Massager Purple

    PRICE: £54.99



    JOPEN Ceres Lace Massager Blue
    PRICE: £54.99



    JOPEN Ceres Lace Massager Pink
    PRICE: £54.99



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