Probe Deeper- An Insight Into Medical Kinks

Probe Deeper- An Insight Into Medical Kinks

Going to the doctors is just about the least sexual thing most of us can imagine. Antiseptic smells, fluorescent lights, and worry is not something usually associated with getting turned on, but for some people this ticks all the right boxes. Medical fetishes, commonly shortened to MedFet don’t just start and end with the sexy nurse costumes during roleplay- they can span a wide range of fantasies and play, including but not limited to real life medical equipment and procedures. The more extreme end of the fetish includes things like enemas, needle play, and catheterisation. 

This may sound risky and that’s because it is! All kink or BDSM involves a level of risk; whether that’s handing over control via power dynamics to someone else, or impact play with an object hitting the body. But just like all other play, there’s ways to reduce the risk and no one throws themselves into the deep end the first time. Easing into it with fantasy role playing is much safer than going straight in with a medical procedure with an untrained partner.

The fascination behind medical fetishes can often stem from the feeling of helplessness, and also the idea of being taken care of and nurtured. The power play involved can also be a turn-on; there’s an inherent power dynamic with the idea of a medical professional and a patient. Because this fetish encompasses such a huge array of potential scenarios there is really no way to go wrong- as long as you’re safe, well-researched, and trained in anything you’re trying. Part of the BDSM mantra is practicing it in a “safe, sane, and consensual” way. Being well informed and trained is the only way to make a consensual and safe choice to do anything- if you don’t fully understand it there’s no way you can give informed consent.

No two people will be into exactly all the same things and there’s so many different aspects of this to look into- Enemas (klismaphilia), medical restraints like straitjackets, needle play, temperature taking, and physical examinations (to name a few).

Medical equipment may be used- speculums, masks, dental gags all add to the level of realism. Items used in fetish play don’t necessarily have to be exact medical equipment- the stainless steel cold aesthetic can also play into it just looking like a medical device.


For newbies wanting to explore further, we recommend this naughty nurse dress up costume

Probe Deeper- An Insight Into Medical Kinks


these chained nipple clamps


and this open mouth spider gag

Probe Deeper- An Insight Into Medical Kinks

For those a little more adventurous- take a look at this silicone sounding device!

Probe Deeper- An Insight Into Medical Kinks

For more on this, check out Dr GDS on OnlyFans and YouTube, and

Eddie House

Written by Eddie House. Eddie is a sales assistant in a Stoke-on-Trent based sex shop, and is passionate about LGBTQ issues and orgasms for all.

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