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    Which Lube is Best?

    Which Lube is Best?

    Daniel Beech |

    There’s a lot of different lubricants on the market right now and they all claim to do different things. It’s confusing and may seem unnecessary- surely lube is just lube? But no fear, I’m here with a run down of the best products for the best situation so you can enhance your sex life to be the best it can be.



    Sex on the Beach - Strawberry - Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant Pack

    If it’s oral you’re going for then you’ll want a fantastic tasting lubricant to make the experience even more enjoyable and what better than this three lube set! With three flavours to choose from, you can go again and again and again to test each one out!



    Ultimate Lube Tingling Sensation 60ml

    If you’re after something that feels a little different, try out this tingling lubricant for a whole new world of sensations. Tingling lube works by drawing extra blood into the genital area so feeling is increased (this works on the penis, clit, or nipples) and as the blood flow is increased, can also make the applied area bigger in size! Enjoy the increased pleasure and tingly feeling this lube provides, and at just £4.99 a bottle, you can keep reapplications up all night.





    ID Glide Lubricant Water-Based Lube 250ml 8.5 floz

    The best bang for your buck is always going to be the most cost effective option that you can use in almost any situation. Enter the Glide water based lube. Water based lubricants are safe to use with toys and work well as a natural feeling lube. This Glide choice is excellent as it can be reactivated with a spritz of water for a wetter feel. 





    Kinx Slix Prime Silicone-Based Lubricant 100ml

    Silicone lubricants are often cited as the best lubes for anal due to their longer lasting and thicker qualities. Silicone lubes aren’t absorbed by the skin like water based ones are so don’t need to be reapplied so often. This makes them better for anal sex as there isn’t natural lubrication there. However, silicone based lubricants are not safe to use with silicone toys as they will degrade them and damage the quality. If you’re using toys, try a water based or hybrid lube instead.





    Spunk Award Winning Hybrid Lubricant Large 946ml

    As mentioned above, silicone based lubes, although best for anal, are not always toy friendly. This is where “hybrid” lubricants come in. SPUNK is a “water based silicone” feeling lube which makes it perfect for long lasting use while keeping your favourite silicone toys in tip top condition. SPUNK is award winning (who knew lubes could win awards) and once you try it out you’ll soon realise why!





    HOWL Water-Based Anal Lubricant with CBD

    Nervous first timers gather here, do we have a treat for you! Howl is the new brand on the market specialising in sex lubricants- with a difference. There’s a silicone based and a water based lube in their line and these are luxury products. Why are they so perfect for beginners? Not just because of their easy non-sticky application, but because these lubricants are infused with CBD! This inclusion helps your muscles relax and penetration pain becomes a problem of the past. 




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