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    Return Of 'Kings' - PART ONE

    Return Of ’Kings’ - PART ONE

    Anonymous |


    Ready yourself for a wild ride down the slippery slope of Straight (Mostly Christian) Male Supremacists: a self protected community able to thrive and cultivate like the contents of a lost petri dish. 

    Yes, we’re talking about Return Of Kings (ROK) - a forum and blogsite for a very specific target audience. Featuring hundred of articles and thousands of commentators on subjects (titles are quoted word for word) including but not limited to:

    • The #metoo movement has ruined my sex life
    • 5 ways to bully fat sluts on a date
    • How feminism is causing the destruction of western society
    • 5 reasons women should be banned from working as police officers
    • What’s next for the alt right
    • The damaging effects of Jewish intellectualism and activism on western culture

    The purpose of our written account is to expose, fact check, add logic in order to debunk this misogynistic propaganda.
    Despite most articles on ROK spreading the message of hate, this site is not flagged by any safe search browsing filter, meaning a child could find it within a couple of clicks and be exposed to, not just articles condoning hatred, but an army of commenters and users preaching terrifying sentiments under every post.

    ROK was launched in 2012 by a man known as Rooshi, who according to his personal website - rooshv.com – is a devout Christian. A ‘devout Christian’ who strode for the legalization of r*pe in 2015, which he later claimed was satire, despite writing numerous articles on his real life accounts of penetrating women who were half asleep or to quote him "In America, having sex with her would have been r*pe, since she legally couldn’t give her consent." (Due to the victim’s apparent intoxication). Rooshi is deeply idolised throughout all related websites, by authors and commenters alike.

    With the tone of this expose set, lets dive deeper into the world of dangerous hypocrisy, and borderline insanity.


    CASE 1

    Two popular articles, the first sexualising and encouraging Eating Disorders, the second blaming them on women and gay men. An example of illogical thinking and hypocrisy:

    Return Of Kings Hate Women

    These are the comments left underneath these two posts, as you can see the only consistency is the general lack of value towards women, the LGBTQ+ community and essentially anything that is not a straight male.




    CASE 2

    This article lists some fantastic achievements and inventions accomplished by men. Things that we should celebrate such as electricity and some forms of transportation etc.. the list itself is fantastic and unproblematic.

    Return Of Kings Hate Women

    To equally celebrate women, here is a lovely list of some things that were created by the wonderful female:
    • The Fire Escape
    • The Life Raft
    • Residential Solar Heating
    • The Medical Syringe
    • The Modern Electric Refrigerator
    • The Ice Cream Maker
    • The Computer Algorithm

    Women, men, and all humanity, could not exist without each other! Therefore, we must rise as equals and begin to understand feminism. The tagline from this article writes ‘Feminists may hate the patriarchy, but they don't hate male inventions...’

    This is a fatal misunderstanding of one of the most healing movements in the world.

    Return Of Kings Hate Women
    Return Of Kings Hate Women

    What is feminism?

    TRUE Feminism is EQUALITY in all aspects of life such as: society, economics, sexuality and politics. Feminism is NOT AT ALL about overthrowing men, hating anybody, violence, imbalance of power and anything negative.

    Feminism is all genders having equal opportunities. It is the abolishment of gender-based discrimination. Feminists love men, trans and the gender-expansive. Feminists respect that there is power in the world but understand it should not be hoarded by only one gender – which it has been for nearly all of history.

    Feminists believe all genders should be heard and listened to; double standards should be eradicated. People should understand that stereotypes are harmful and do not determine value of a human.

    Feminism is and was never about the downfall of men. It is only about mutual respect, human decency and equal freedoms and rights.


    CASE 3

    Return Of Kings Hate Women

    Yes, a whole article around avoiding women who refer to themselves as ‘Goddesses’ and ‘Queens’. Written on the website ‘Return of Kings’.

    We can make light-hearted comments and jokes in retaliation to ignorance – but can we make change? It is blatant that, on this end of the internet, hate is invited and encouraged. Whether it be from backlash or supporting arguments.

    The way to combat this is education and love, to understand that these people won’t learn anything through reciprocated ferocity. To be on the receiving end of more hate will only further reiterate their principles. We must use evidence, logic, reason and patience to help spread the message of equality.

    People learn at different paces; some take more time to grasp new concepts, they require more work and patience. So be thoughtful, strong and understanding – a true feminist.

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