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    Saddle up Cowgirl! - Is the RO-DEO worth the hype?

    Saddle up Cowgirl!- Is the RO-DEO worth the hype?

    Eddie House |

    The RO-DEO from Rocks Off is a luxurious looking “seated rabbit”. Rocks Off claims to be the UKs leading manufacturer and designer of sex toys and it’s easy to see why when you look at this new and innovative design. We associate most rabbit vibrators as a handheld device with a penetrative shaft, and a vibrating clit stim, but Rocks Off have taken this one step further with the RO-DEOs design. With a rounded base complete with handle, this toy can be adjusted manually by hand, or “ridden” hands-free with a rock and roll motion, just one of the things that sets this toy apart from others on the market. With that description over, let’s saddle up for my personal review of this extraordinary piece of kit.

    Rocks Off Ro-Deo Packaging

    First thought when looking at the toy in the box was

    Rocks Off Ro-Deo Packaging Front

    Wow. That looks impressive.”. The black and deep purple design of both the toy and packaging screams extravagance, without the excessive price tag associated with most luxury products. I was a little put off holding the box in my hands because of the size, but upon opening, realized the packaging makes it look scarier than it is. I’m not a greedy girl- for me, it’s quality over quantity and I lean towards smaller products in general. Unboxing the RO-DEO reveals a stunning looking product that fits neatly in both palms- a perfect size for myself. With an insertable length of only 4 inches, this isn’t for those who believe bigger is always better, but for those looking to try something new, this is the answer without having to go up in size. The silicone is silky to the touch, and the rose gold strip across the middle of the toy looks beautiful. This is definitely an aesthetically pleasing design but it’s more about how it works than what it looks like. 

    Rocks Off Ro-Deo Packaging Back

    I was a little over awed at the idea of how to get started with the toy. It’s clearly designed to be ridden, but adjusting positions to insert the toy and get comfortable took a little time. I’m assuming this gets easier and quicker as I become more practiced with the toy. The vibrations, like all Rocks Off products I’ve experienced, are strong and powerful and the option of 7 settings means there’s plenty of combinations to choose from. The clit and g-spot vibrations are controlled separately which makes the toy more customisable. The only issue is, with the first time using this toy, I kept hitting the wrong button. The G and C buttons are the same shape and size and placed next to each other- when riding the toy this meant I couldn’t see which button I was pressing. Again, this is another issue that will become less so once I become more familiar with the toy and which side the buttons are on. 

    Rocks Off Ro-Deo 2 SidesThere’s minimal noise from the toy once inserted, but I wouldn’t claim this is the quietest toy ever made. If your bedroom is directly next door to someone else's I might recommend waiting for them to go away unless you’re loud and proud. I live alone so this didn’t affect me personally, but is something to keep in mind when choosing a new toy. 
    Rocks Off Ro-Deo Hand Modelled

    I won’t lie- I’ve never used a handheld rabbit vibrator before so I do feel I jumped in at the deep end with the RO-DEO. From what I’m imagining though, this is a much more versatile option- it can be used lying down and hand held, or ridden to ecstasy. The clit stimulation could be better- it’s hard to get the right placement- but overall, this is a fantastic toy and the riding motion distracts from the fact that the clit stim is not always central to where it’s supposed to be. It’s gorgeously designed, feels amazing, and is definitely a step up from other toys. Another thing I do love about this toy is that it’s rechargeable. I find batteries fiddly and annoying and they always ALWAYS die just as you’re about to reach crescendo. 

    Overall, I love this toy. I probably won’t use it for every masturbation session, but if I feel like doing something special and treating myself, the RO-DEO will certainly make an appearance. 

    Shop Rocks Off Ro-Deo Sit On Vibrator

    Shop Rocks Off RO DEO Sit On Vibrator
    Total Length: 7 Inches (177mm)
    Insertable Length: 4 Inches (101.6mm)
    Circumference: 4.5 Inches (114.3mm)
    Diameter: 1.43 Inches (36.3mm)
    PRICE: £79.99


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