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  • Dragons Tail Anal Beads 12 Inch
  • Dragons Tail Anal Beads 12 Inch
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Dragons Tail Anal Beads 12 Inch

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Are You Ready to be Entered by the Dragon?

This beaded anal cord is made from a soft, yet strong material. It is over 12 inches in length with the beads getting bigger as it goes deeper. There is 10 beads total that work from smaller to larger for a comfortable, sensual experience and are smooth and perfectly rounded for ease of entry. It is made from a comfortable PVC Jelly material that is fully waterproof.

For the most comfortable experience, we recommend coating them in your favourite lubricant before entry.

The Specifics:
Total Length: 12.5 Inches (317mm)
Minimum Girth: 1.08 Inches (27.5mm)
Maximum Girth: 3.05 Inches (77.5mm)
Material: PVC. All items are Phthalate-free according to EU regulation REACH.