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    120mm Is The New 8 Inches- Review Of The Rocks Off 5 Speed Bullet

    Rocks Off Five Speed Vibrator

    Eddie House |

    I have a personal hatred of bullet vibrators, I’m not going to lie. The fact that this one comes in a delicious shade of raspberry pink (my favourite colour) is only just enough to convince me to review it. This hand sized bullet from Rocks Off has three speeds and two pulse settings. It’s cute, discreet, and the fact it’s bigger than usual means you’ve got more room to manoeuvre it easily.  

    I’m a fan of Rocks Off products, even if I don’t enjoy bullets. Rocks Off products generally have strong vibrations and out of all the bullet vibrators we stock, this is the one I find the most powerful. The bullet is easy to control with a large button on the base of the toy and can be cycled through the settings with one click each time. Rocks Off products are reliable and these bullets come with batteries which is always appreciated. The batteries are easy to change by just unscrewing the end of the toy but it can be a little fiddly to line the screw section back together so the batteries can work- you have to make sure it is screwed on tightly enough or the toy won’t come on. 

    The toy comes in simple packaging which is clean to look at. The toy has the Rocks Off logo and toy name engraved on the side which I think could hinder cleaning but the toy claims to be 100% waterproof so is able to be submerged. This is also a bonus for bath time or shower play and as previously stated, the bullet is small enough and discreet to be taken anywhere in a handbag or pocket- just make sure you take the batteries out before taking it anywhere as there is no travel lock setting. The colour of the toy is gorgeous and rich and the precision tip is rounded for comfort- it’s definitely an aesthetically pleasing toy. 

    Unfortunately, as with most non-insertable toys, this bullet is pretty noisy, especially on the stronger settings. If you’re in the next room to someone you’ll probably want some music playing to muffle the sound. 

    The worst part of this toy is definitely the battery level. You get zero warning that the batteries are about to die, resulting in many a ruined orgasm. If you’re into that, no problem but nothing winds me up more than having to scrabble in my TV remote for extra batteries right in the middle of my “personal time”. 

    Overall, if you’re looking for a starter toy, or just the best bullet on the market- this is the one for you. Most bullet vibrators have buzzy weak vibrations, so this is a pleasant change to actually feel some power.

    Rocks Off 120mm 5 Speed Vibrator Pink


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