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    Put Your Money Where Uranus Is - Valentines Gifts By Their Star Sign

    Put Your Money Where Uranus Is - Valentines Gifts By Their Star Sign

    Eddie House |

    So Valentines is right around the corner and you have no gift, no plan, and no hope. Until now! I’m the worst at buying gifts but I’ve knuckled down and come up with a list to hopefully help us both. Simply let astrology take the wheel.


    Aries (21 March- 19 April)

    Known for being trailblazers, passionate, and independent, it doesn’t take much to see an Aries as a Dom. Competitive and committed, the best thing you can give them is your submission, but add in an extra gift with this gorgeous jewelled flogger.

    Sex & Mischief Jewelled Flogger


    Taurus (20 April- 20 May)

    Hardworking, stubborn, and drama-free, you’re going to want something classic for this sign. No fancy or faff, just hard orgasms. As an earth sign, you want something sturdy and true without all the bells and whistles. There’s no messing about with this realistic girthy dildo.

    8.5 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

    Suction Cup Dildo

    Gemini (21 May- 20 June)

    Represented by the twins, this shows Gemini's dual nature. Geminis love spontaneous and exciting sex and trying out new things. Because of this, there’s a range of toys that would work and could be incorporated but try mixing things up with this beginner's strap on set and give them a chance to show off both their feminine and masculine sign.

    Pegging Strap On Dildo Kit

    Cancer ( 21 June- 22 July)

    Loyal and sensual, Cancers love a creative outlet. What better way to express these traits than with a role play fantasy game? Bring the two of you closer together and fulfil that desire for intimacy whilst having fun.

    Fantasies Kit


    Leo (23 July - 22 August)

    Leos have more than just a flair for the dramatic and need a toy that’s going to express that idea of grand luxury. With a tendency to show off, the RO-DEO rock and ride will go down a treat as it can be used in solo or couple play, but always making sure that the Leo is the star of the show.

    Rocks Off Rodeo

    Virgo (23 August- 22 September)

    Don’t be fooled by the indication of virginity! Virgos expect perfection in all aspects of their life and orgasms are nothing to compromise on. They need a dependable toy that will work with their bodies to bring them to climax every single time- what better than a winning combination or air stimulation and vibration? Even the sleek and sensual design of this toy will appeal to a Virgos tidy and organised nature.

    Satisfyer Dual Love

    Satisfyer Dual Love Red


    Libra (23 September- 22 October)

    Attracted to elegance and beauty, you want a toy that screams luxury. Ambiance is going to play a major part in love making here so light those candles, dim the lights, and present this gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing precious gold bullet vibrator.

    Precious Gold Bullet Vibrator

    Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)

    There is no sign more erotic or sexual than the Scorpio. Indulge their deepest fantasies- Scorpios love power. Introduce some BDSM into the dynamic and put yourself in their capable hands with this inclusive bondage kit.

    Black Bondage Kit

    Black Bondage Kit

    Sagittarius (22 November- 21 December)

    Always on the go and always seeking new experiences, the travellers of the zodiac are going to want a toy that can go anywhere and everywhere with them. What better way to avoid sparking suspicion than with an easily hideable love egg? Waterproof, easy to use, and even accompanied by a textured sleeve for extra stimulation, this remote controlled love egg should hit all the marks.

    Love Egg

    Capricorn ( 22 December - 19 January)

    These hardworking bosses of the zodiac are not going to mess around. Give them the most practical and straightforward way to orgasm with this super powerful plug in wand and let it relax them again and again and again.

     Magic Wand Massager

    Aquarius (20 January- 18 February)

    With this sign, you’re looking to match their innovativeness and creativity. There’s no basic bullets here; what an Aquarius wants is something new and exciting to try out. It’s clever, it’s unexpected, and they definitely don’t already own one! The Sweet Treat from Satisfyer is a brand new product with a novelty twist, so perfect for this experimental sign.

    Sweet Treat Spinnator

    Pisces ( 19 February- 20 March)

    Oh Pisces. Emotional and ethereal, the mind immediately jumps to waterproof toys for bathtime fun. But let’s take this in a different direction and try out some stunning lace cuffs for the most submissive of the signs. Let the intimacy of the dom/sub relationship take over and treat your Pisces right this Valentines by making all the hard decisions for them.

    Lovers Kit

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