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    Top 10 Best Selling Vibrators From 2021

    Top Ten Vibes

    Rose Alexandra |

    10 - Luxurious Silicone 20 Frequency Vibration Wand Purple

    Of course this wand has made it to the top ten - with a multitude of settings, endless orgasms are guaranteed. Find our favourable waterproof wand here:

    Magic Wand 

    9 - Lal Hardy Rocks Off Erotic Ink Large Vibrator

    Fancy & Rock Hard - no wonder this vibrator comes in at number 9. With a variety of settings, this vibe is a no brainer; find it here.

    Rocks Off Big Vibrator

    8 - Ten Mode Silicone Rabbit Vibrator Red

    The classic and iconic rabbit isn't going anywhere anytime soon, find one of our customer favourites here:

    Ten Mode Silicone Rabbit Vibrator Red


    7 - Rocks Off 120MM 5 Speed Vibrator Pink

    Big beautiful and smooth as silk. The Rocks-Off RO-120mm 5 function bullet vibrator is a gorgeous pleasure bullet power house that will glide you into a frenzy. Buy it here:

    Rocks Off 120MM Vibrator


    6 - Mamba Multi-Speed Vibrating Dildo Flesh

    This 9inch vibrating dildo cums in at number 6, precisely designed and boasting realistic veined detailing, the bulbous head offers real definition and amazing sensation. Available here now:

    Multi Speed Vibrator


    5  - Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager Anal Dildo

    Super smooth silicone prostate massager, precisely designed to stimulate the prostate which leads to mind-blowing, strong orgasms. Because prostates matter too! Read the full description and buy it here!

    Prostate Massager


    4 - Powerful 9 Inch Multi-Speed Vibrator

    A dream multi-speed vibrating dildo that will surely make its way to fulfil your deepest sexual desire! 9 truly unforgettable inches. Our number 4 spot was easily handed to this bad boy vibe.

    Follow this link for Pink:                           


    Nine Inch Multispeed Vibrator
     Nine Inch Multispeed Vibrator


    3 - Waterproof Dolphin Vibrator Pink

    This new design powerful dolphin vibrator is waterproof and designed especially for your G-Spot - making it a fan favourite, coming in at number 3. To add to your basket follow this link:
    Dolphin Vibrator

    2 - JOPEN Amour Wand Vibrator - Pink

    The Amour Wand Massager has ergonomic curves and added diamond-patterned pleasure ridges. On top of its stunning design - it's waterproof. What more could you ask for. Discover the Jopen Amour' Wand right here:
    Jopen Amour

    1 - Powerful Ten Speed Bullet Vibrator

    Now for the absolute fan favourite - our Ten Speed Bullet Vibrators. An ICONIC fundamental vibrator, we're seriously judging you if you don't already own this one, do not mistake its cute (and convenient) physicality to weakness - it's Powerful title is no loose name. This bullet is available in a multitude of colours but our top selling favourites from the whole of 2021 are as follows:

    Hot Pink Bullet Vibrator                     

    Hot Pink Bullet Vibrator


    Baby Pink Bullet Vibrator

    Baby Pink Bullet Vibrator
    Silver Bullet Vibrator
    Purple Bullet Vibrator

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