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    Work Out The Kinks- Ten Of The Most Common Fetishes To Give You Some Ideas

    Work Out The Kinks- Ten Of The Most Common Fetishes To Give You Some Ideas

    Eddie House |

    Despite the terms being used in general conversation as interchangeable, there is actually a difference between a “kink” and a “fetish”. A kink is something outside the generic spectrum of sex acts that someone enjoys- such as handcuffs or spanking - whereas a fetish is something that someone can’t get aroused without (there’s also turn ons, which are things that arouse someone).

    As with any type of sex, kink play should be safe, sane, and consensual. Not everything on this list will appeal to you but don’t yuck someone else's yum! You might be surprised at what you find appealing…

    1. Impact Play

    Impact play is any form of consensual striking- spanking, whipping, flogging etc. Spanking lightly on the bum is a safe way to ease into this. This can be risky (you’re literally hitting someone) so make sure to research what objects are safe to use and where is safe to hit. This beautiful Jewelled Flogger will help you hit all the right spots.

    19 Inch Chain Wrapped Flogger - £14.99

    2. Watersports

    Not quite like jet-skiing, watersports refers to pee play. Golden showers or desperation, whatever floats your boat. Omorashi (desperation play) can be a way to play without all the mess, or step into the shower to piss all over each other. There can be a degree of humiliation in this as well as dominance and submission. Make it even more fun by using a waterproof vibe during play, such as this Pink Dolphin Vibrator!

    Waterproof Dolphin Vibrator in Pink - £6.99

    3. Dom/Sub

    Dominance and submission refers to the consensual power exchange, either in a relationship completely or just for a sexual “scene”. This type of relationship is taken seriously by people in the kink scene and demands a lot of respect and safety precautions to prevent the power imbalance from becoming unhealthy. Dom/sub relationships can incorporate lots of other different kinks, fetishes, or fantasies but many people in this type of dynamic will represent it with a beautiful collar, much like this one.

    Black Collar & Lead - £7.99

    4. Cuckold

    Cuckolding is where someone watches (or hears about) their partner engaging sexually with someone else. It can be linked to humiliation where the partner is told they cannot sexually satisfy enough and can watch but not participate. Add spice to this by making your partner wear a blindfold so they can hear what’s going on but can’t watch…

    Black Eye Mask - £4.99

    5. Humiliation

    Some people just want to be mocked. And that’s okay! This is usually associated with being submissive and tons of types of play fall under this category- body writing (writing names or phrases on the body to either show off or wear underneath clothes), foot licking or other degrading acts, or small penis humiliation (yes, some guys really do love being told it’s tiny!). What’s more humiliating than being treated like the little bitch you are? Try this cock lead and chain to really put you in your place. 

    Cock Ring with Detachable Chain Lead - £7.99

    6. Roleplay

    Roleplay is just that- make believe. Acting out a scenario with your partner is a great way to play, and usually involves power dynamics that would be unhealthy or abusive in the real world (think teacher-student or doctor-patient). Roleplay is a great way to indulge in fantasies consensually and safely and adding a dress up costume to the mix makes it even more realistic. Try these roleplay dice to choose a scenario for you, or if you're interested in taking this further, get some ideas from this blog post.

    Roll Play Erotic Story Dice - £8.99

    Sexy Blog: 5 Roleplay Ideas for the Bedroom & Beyond

    7. Feet

    One of the most common fetishes, feet are either loved or hated. It can be as simple as appreciating stockings or high heels, right up to enjoying “foot jobs” or foot worship (kissing and massaging someone's feet). It can be initially off putting to know your partner is into this, but think of all the fun you can have with cute footwear! Start slow with these faux leather stockings to really draw attention to your feet and legs.

    Black Faux Leather Suspender Stockings - £9.99

    8. Breeding

    Getting pregnant isn’t just the result of sex. Some people love the idea of getting someone pregnant and “breeding” them. This can also be coupled with a love for cream pies (not the sort your Gran bakes). Obviously this can be risky and if you’re into the idea without being ready for a full time infant, try these ejaculating dildos for that feeling of fullness and intensity without having to be a parent.

    7 Inch Ejaculating Dildo in Flesh - £16.99


    9. Restraint

    There are so many ways to experience restraint- handcuffs, spreaders bars, full under mattress sets. Bondage is an easy way to add some spice to your sex life without straying too far from your comfort zone- having your hands or feet tied in some way can increase sensations and let your partner have more control. Try this full bondage set for plenty of ways to get flexible in restraints.

    Sex & Mischief Red Bondage Kit - £12.99


    10. Tentacles
    Tentacle porn was popularised in Japan when strict rules on pornography made replacing genitals with tentacles easier to publish. Luckily you don’t need a real octopus to make this fantasy happen- try our Tentacle-like Putin Probe dildo to explore your port holes.

      The Putin Probe Dildo - £20.00

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